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Best Cricket Coaching Academy In Hyderabad

  • The Hyderabad Cricket Club has a strong following online. It has about 3000 followers on Facebook, and multiple people joining it everyday on meetup. We have also released the Hyderabad Cricket Club app on the Android Play Store that ensures that anyone who wishes to play at a day’s notice will be given a fair chance. Intone Technologies partners with us in the development of technological solutions.

    When we integrate this with the health partnerships; we provide a single stop shop for all the sport and health related needs of our users. The best companies of the day capture the largest mindshare of their users. If we are able to capture a larger share of people’s mindspace everyday; we would be able to leverage our technology for the right purpose.


    The Hyderabad Cricket Club also partners with the NHCT ecosystem which rewards its members with tokens based on the blockchain technology. This gives the members an added incentive to keep themselves in perfect shape

    .Diseases/Disorders like Diabetes, Dislypidemia, Hypertension, Thyroid Disorder, Obesity based on an independent study commissioned by the Hyderabad Cricket Club.