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  • beast-usa
    LOL Silly people still using that malware site then get HACKED and can't figure out how it happened?
    Another Facebook Bug Could Have Exposed Your Private Information
  • beast-usa
    Why I don't use any google garbage on any of my websites and NO TRACKERS! Data miners, trackers, google garbage is just a easy in for hackers!

    "Like Google Analytics, StatCounter is also an old, but popular real-time web analytics platform...  more
    StatCounter Analytics Code Hijacked to Steal Bitcoins from Crypt
  • beast-usa
    If you're forced into DOWNGRADING to Windows 10?
    MAKE SURE TO USE NETLIMITER and BLOCK everything going out to any MS IP address.
    Windows 10 Bug Let UWP Apps Access All Files Without Users' Cons
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    • beast-usa
      Robert Brumley Not surprising at all.
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa It's the main reason I haven't upgraded in over a YEAR! Any new CPU AMD or Win-Tel you are forced into Winblows 10! If you try to install any good Windows OS it dumps and says not support on this hardware. Linux works but to upgrade my hardware I need to...  more
    • beast-usa
      Robert Brumley Go figure.
      • Nov 5
  • beast-usa
    LOL Laughing my butt off! And people pay how much for these garbage phones?
    If you have an iPhone just post all your personal info on a sign in your front yard. Then cover it with a clear plastic bag it's about the same security those over priced child...  more
    New iPhone Passcode Bypass Found Hours After Apple Releases iOS
  • beast-usa
    I want to go green! LOL Well 700 HP green!
    Chevrolet's electric Camaro race car packs an 800-volt battery
  • beast-usa
    The jet powered personal aerial vehicle, capable of VTOL and unprecedented individual mobility. The Zapata technology platform is the safest, easiest, lightest, most maneuverable personal aviation system ever created.
    Flyboard® Air
  • beast-usa
    I want VR CAKE! Zero calories! LOL

    "Engineers and software developers around the world are seeking to create technology that lets users touch, grasp and manipulate virtual objects, while feeling like they are actually touching something in the real...  more
    Ultra-Light Gloves Let Users ‘Touch’ Objects in Virtual Reality
  • beast-usa
    LOL Another weekly hack of iPhones! I laugh every couple days when I see the new iphone hack and think of the people that paid $1,000+ LOLOLOL for a phone a six year old can hack!

    "A security enthusiast who discovered a passcode bypass...  more
    New iPhone Bug Gives Anyone Access to Your Private Photos
  • beast-usa
    The worst thing about the data collection is the HUGE back doors these companies leave open on YOUR COMPUTER! It's like an OPEN invitation to every hacker that says "PLEASE STEAL MY STUFF"!

    Personal information is the currency on which much of the...  more
    Online Data Protection 101: Don't Let Big Tech Get Rich Off Your
  • beast-usa
    LOLOL I can't believe 30M people still support child molesters, rapist, human tracking? I know "EVERYONE USES IT" LOLOLOLOL not in the real world. Most people really don't use it. 2.7 Billion people online 2.4 Billion of them are in China....  more
    30 Million Facebook Accounts Were Hacked: Check If You're One of
  • beast-usa
    People use Windows 10 why? LOLOL Just another reason to switch to Linux!
    Well none of the computers I work on have had this problem so far. But I do DISABLE their crap updates and downgrades until I see what they break! LOL

    "Microsoft has pledged to...  more
    Microsoft promises to recover files deleted by Windows 10 update
  • beast-usa
    I was SO HAPPY when I saw "Google is Shutting Down" then I read the story. They are only shutting down google + Well it's a start now to get rid of the rest of google! LOL Yeah I know it would be a dream come true not telling one more person...  more
    Google+ is Shutting Down After a Vulnerability Exposed 500,000 U