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  • beast-usa
    So google chrome sucks no matter where you use it? You just can't add that much tracking & data mining and make it safe.

    Same question I always have WHY WOULD ANYONE USE ANYTHING GOOGLE? LOL

    Google has finally patched a privacy vulnerability...  more
    Google Partially Patches Flaw in Chrome for Android 3 Years Afte
  • beast-usa
    There are so many things I just NEVER use .pdf, no email from gmail, no fb, no apple, no google. And that equals NO security problems ever I bought my first computer over 30 years ago. And I have never had one virus, one piece of...  more
    Adobe Issues Emergency Patches for Two Critical Flaws in Acrobat
  • beast-usa
    American explorer Victor Vescovo became the first human to dive on a solo mission and reach the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean in an historic submersible dive that took him 27,480 feet down into the Puerto Rico Trench.

    Vescovo, known to have...  more
    Explorer makes historic submersible dive
  • beast-usa
    Just one word LINUX! It faster, safer, 100% FREE and 300% better the Winblows!

    A security researcher with Twitter alias SandboxEscaper today released proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for a new zero-day vulnerability affecting Microsoft's Windows...  more
    Hacker Discloses New Unpatched Windows Zero-Day Exploit On Twitt
  • beast-usa
    LOL People still using Google, IE and Facecrap just crack me up! I mean no matter how many time you SHOW people, TELL people how bad those three things are they just DO NOT listen! Why because they talked to Joe the plumber and he said google, IE...  more
    Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For Under-Attack IE Zero Day
  • beast-usa
    The Amazon Kindle is a great ebook reader, but it's tightly tied to Amazon's ecosystem. If you have a Fire tablet or a smartphone, you can download other e-reading apps to beef up your library, but with the E Ink Kindles (including the new waterproof...  more
    How to Put Free Ebooks on Your Amazon Kindle
  • beast-usa
    LOL Another day another facecrap breach well not really a breach facecrap just willing gave all your private photos to any hack app out there! But I have seen that there has been a 30+% drop in US facecrap users! Finally Americans are catching up to the...  more
    New Facebook Bug Exposed 6.8 Million Users Photos to Third-Party
  • beast-usa
    WOW 10 gigs of ram and so much more for ONLY $699!
    So you get 1 gig of ram with an $800 iphone or TWO gigs for a $1,100 iphone! LOL
    The OnePlus 6T McLaren edition packs 10GB of RAM
  • beast-usa
    LOL The US trying to stop the decline in crApple products! At least the rest of the world has a clue on what crap apple phones are!
    Apple gets passed in phone sales by Huawei
    1. Samsung
    2. Huawei
    3. Apple AKA Crapple
    It should only tale another 4 or 5...  more
  • beast-usa
    What moron would still be using google? Crap spyware search engine well not really a search engine, gmail they read & use... Using google is like cows buying stock in McDonald's If anyone would ever READ anything they would know better then to use...  more
    Google+ to Shut Down Early After New API Flaw Hits 52.5 Million
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa With all the news about google, facecrap & apple I'm amazed daily that people still use any of them! Maybe Trump is right people are as dumb as you want them to be! LOLOL
    • beast-usa
      Alexandria Will you help undumb me for Christmas???
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa LOL First step to recovery is to stop using any of them! Dump google for bing or duckduckgo, dump gmail for outlook or yahoo and dump facecrap for anything! LOL
    • beast-usa
      spinny VIP Alex -i use duck to go -and i like it -i have realy not much trouble of spamming my emails or other promotion stuff apering - and its easy to install it - you can do if i could - gary sends you a good start page where you can then follow the instruction...  more
      • December 16, 2018
  • beast-usa
    About ONE more year and adobe flash is GONE! I won't miss it at all!

    "Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player that hackers are actively exploiting in the wild as part of a targeted campaign...  more
    New Adobe Flash Zero-Day Exploit Found Hidden Inside MS Office D
  • beast-usa
    LOL Does anyone still use that GARBAGE NOT-A-SEARCH Engine site? LOL Bing & Duckduckgo find what you are looking for not what some advertiser has PAID for you to find! LOL Morons still using google!

    "Google says it knows the best answer to your...  more
    Google removes search results from some queries