President Trump

  • Well as always I will be keeping track or trying to keep track of the truth about Trump. And with all the BS from both sides it won't be easy! LOL


    Things Trump promised and won't be doing according to him at this time 24/01/2018
    So far most of what he promised he won't be doing.
    He won't be closing the borders to Muslims.
    He won't be investigating Hillary or Bill Clinton.
    He won't be building that wall. (UPDATED 1-25-2017)
    He won't be deporting illegals.
    He won't be stopping men from using the girls restrooms.
    He won't be ending NAFTA.
    He won't be changing the trade agreements with China.


    Things that are still up in the air: 
    Letting states decide on gay marriage and abortion. Instead of the OVERBEARING federal government.
    De-funding planned parenthood in the US.
    Cutting taxes for everyone not just the rich.
    Lowering the crazy spending of the federal government.
    Repealing ObamaCare & Replacing it with FREE HealthCare. (Something Tax payers really can't AFFORD)
    (UPDATE 1-25-2017) The wall is back on table and now it's a concrete wall no longer a steel wall at insane prices!
    Trump hasn't said what size he has said 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet tall. He is sticking with the 1,000 miles.
    (The border is 1,944 miles)
    So I will just do a price break down on 1,000 miles. Remember illegals cost the US $500,000,000 per year.
    And after the wall IF IT HAPPENS we will still have the $500,000,000 per year cost? But lets say he deports half
    that cost? So lets go with $250,000,000 per year cost.
    10 foot tall (5Ft in the ground) X 1,000 miles cost $12,000,000,000 (recovery time 48 years at $250M)
    20 foot tall (7.5Ft in the ground) X 1,000 miles cost $22,000,000,000 (recovery time 88 years at $250M)
    30 foot tall (10ft in the ground) X 1,000 miles cost $32,000,000,000 (recovery time 128 years at $250M)
    40 foot tall (20ft in the ground) X 1,000 miles cost $48,000,000,000 
    (recovery time 192 years at $250M)
    50 foot tall (30ft in the ground) X 1,000 miles cost $64,000,000,000 (recovery time 256 years at $250M)
    Then if we build the wall across the whole border double those costs!
    So it seems the wall is still a huge joke or a insane cost of money that will never be recovered!
    Keep in mind that if he doesn't deport 50% of the illegals there will be no recovery time!
    (UPDATE 1-27-2017) Trump is NUTS! Trump will be adding NEW TAXES to raise $60,000,000 per year to pay
    for the wall (20% import tax). THAT CONSUMERS WILL PAY NOT MEXICO! And at $60,000,000 per year it will
    Lets go with his 30 foot option $32,000,000,000 COST divided by $60,000,000 533 YEARS to recover the cost!!!
    (Trump's crazy new democrat tax, not all is lost most companies have already said they will just ship their goods
    through another country with a lower tax rate. So American consumers would see higher prices just not as high.
    And that $10,000,000,000 in taxes Trump is talking about will never happen)
    (UPDATE 1-28-2017) Trump closes the borders to some of the middle eastern countries. Keep in mind NO ONE
    has ever done an act of terror in the US that entered this country through any of them! San Bernardino Killers
    came in through Saudi Arabia which IS NOT on Trump's list. So I guess Trump thinks it's ratings sweeps? LOL
    Trump can't add Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait LOL because he owes all of them money! So I guess if you FINANCE
    TERRORIST and finance Trump you are safe! This reminds me of one of Obama's gun control laws completely


    Things he has done in just a few days:
    Bombing the crap out of ISIS!
    Signed three
    memorandums. (For the un-informed those mean nothing - basically post-it-notes or stickies lol)
    Signed an Executive Order to stop funding abortions in foreign countries with US tax dollars. 
    (They say it's illegal but so were the 1,000's Obama signed never stopped him!)
    Signed an Executive Order to push the oil pipeline through the Indian reservation.
    It will create jobs, it will make many of his really rich friends MUCH richer and he does owe them all money. But is it the right thing to do to the Indian people? Maybe he should have sat down with them and came to an agreement that worked for everyone? All the minorities in the US cry about how bad they are or have been treated but the Indians have always been treated the worst.
    1-25-2016 Another executive order to end sanctuary cities - States/Cities Trump is authorizing the federal government to
    withhold funds from cities that do not co-operate with immigration officials or comply with federal law.


    For those that don't already know I don't like Trump or Hillary! I will keep this blog updated as things change and it will always be 100% TRUE!
    Most of the campaign promises Trump made I knew were a joke. I do hope he improves the US which shouldn't be hard after Obama! I hope he doesn't fall back to his Liberal roots. Not keeping his promises is no surprise to many of us. We knew many of them were just silly!


    The things I'm happy about with Trump:
    The list of things I do not like or trust about him is much longer! LOL
    Kicking some ISIS butt!
    Me as a tax payer not paying for other peoples abortions!
    I don't believe in abortion, but I also don't think I have the right to tell other people how to live. If it causes no harm to anyone but themselves. That's were the whole abortion thing is a mess. But I can't have kids and could never fully understand what it's like to give birth to a child so it's just not any of my business. You know like NON-Motorcycle riders telling me I MUST wear a helmet? If you believe in FREEDOM it's not just for what works for you and what you like! Either it's freedom for everyone or no freedom at all.

    Update 1-26-2017
    Trumps executive order to hold all federal funding for states not obeying the federal immigration laws.
    It IS NOT TRUE that it will cut funding to law enforcement & emergency services. L
    aw enforcement &
    emergency services WILL BE FUNDED under his 
    executive order.