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Scary Roblox Games That Will Make You Jump

  • If you love to play scary Roblox games, you have come to the right place! There are hundreds of them to choose from, and many of them have decent storylines, creepy graphics, and jump scares. You can even play the scariest ones all year long. And if you're a beginner, you can learn how to code using these games! Here are some of the scariest Roblox games that will make you jump!
    Survivor: A horror game that combines the walking mechanics with story elements, is one of the most popular Roblox games. It takes place in August 1996 and focuses on a brutal vehicle murder. You can play as the survivor and hide or run from your killer. You'll even be able to use special skills and weapons to help you survive. There are also two different environments in this game, which makes it even scarier.
    Murder Mystery 2: Another game that combines horror and puzzle elements is Escape the Maze. This game can be played by twelve players at once, and it involves deceptions and tricks that will make your heart race! Luckily, this Roblox game is not nearly as scary as some of its competitors. But if you're a true fan of horror games, there are a lot of other great options to choose from.
    Dead Silence: One of the scariest Roblox games is based on a horror movie of the same name. It puts you in the shoes of an investigator who must investigate the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist whose ghost is said to haunt her town. But be careful! It can be scary - especially if you're not brave! There's also a guide to parental controls to help you keep children safe while playing.
    The Mirror: Another great horror game on Roblox is The Mirror. It takes place in an underground environment filled with mirrors. You have to navigate through this place, but be careful because there are more than just reflections. This Roblox game has plenty of jumpscares and creepy noises to keep you entertained for hours! This game is best played by yourself or with a friend, preferably one who is brave enough to play it alone.
    A normal Camping Story: Another scare-worthy Roblox game is A Normal Camping Story. This game is easy to play and created by the same genius that brought you The Apartment. This game is set in a school and has you exploring the school in the dead of night, trying to find the keys to open the doors. In a scary Roblox game, you can even choose what happens after the events unfold. Regardless of your level of bravery, you'll be scared!
    Facility: Another scary Roblox game is Facility. This game is full of subtle horror and has many players who couldn't finish. You play as a monster, being hunted by a monster and trying to escape. Horror Portals is another great game that ranks fifth on the list of scariest Roblox games. It has jump scares and is available in three difficulty levels. So whether you're afraid of ghosts or simply want to explore a creepy building full of scary toys, you'll find plenty of scary Roblox games to play.



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