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  • Posted November 24, 2014
    I will only be doing remote service on LINUX and Windows. I'm no longer doing any Apple Personal Computers (PC's).

    For those that don't know, Remote Repair is when someone else takes control of your computer and repairs it. It's not "The Outer Limits." They don't have complete control. lol :) Doing remote repair can be very fast! Something that may takes you hours or even days, may only take a geek a few minutes.

    I've tried lots of programs, most of which are just not very good. :( If enabled, Window's own built-in Remote Desktop, can be hacked and in just a few minutes, anyone can take total control of your computer and/or web cam. There is Log Me In, Join Me and so on. Again, just more hacker playgrounds using what's called Peer to Peer connections. Anything on the remote computer can infect your computer. They have a virus, you login to fix it, you get the virus!

    But all is not lost! :) TeamViewer works great, 100% SECURE, the remote computer only has access to your computer if you allow it. It has Remote View, Remote Control, Remote Meeting! Downside? It's very pricey - but FREE for personal use!

    Let's get started. You can download it from their website http://www.teamviewer.com
    Download & install For Personal Use, Please don't use the BETA versions unless you're familiar with new, under development software. :)

    Or download it here by clicking the link~~> (sorry beast-usa downloads are being updated)
    To open and install a zip file (.zip) either double click the downloaded file or right click the file and select "Extract ALL". To install the extracted file, double click or single click the extracted file.


    Installing TeamViewer:

    Find your downloaded file. It's either an .exe or .zip file.
    If it's a .zip Right Click, select EXTRACT ALL.
    Double or single click for the .exe file.

    Select Run if it asks.

    Select the options in the picture unless you know you want the
    other options. Then click Accept.

    Again select the options in the picture. Unless you know you want the
    other options. You can change options anytime after installation.
    Now you will see it installing the program. How long it
    takes depends on the computer's speed.

    Now you should see this window and you are ready to go! If someone
    is connecting to your computer. They will need Your ID and
    temporary or personal password. If you are connecting to another computer,
    you will need their ID. Then enter it in the Partner ID
    box. A box will pop up asking for the password.

    That should do it. :) If you have questions, please ask - please don't post Your ID or passwords in the open forums. You can send them via PRIVATE MESSAGE. On Happy As Is PRIVATE MEANS PRIVATE! Just click on anyone's picture to get to that person's personal page and click this button to send a 100% PRIVATE MESSAGE. (STAFF Admins-Mods CANNOT AND WILL NOT READ PRIVATE MESSAGES! ONLY WHEN SENT TO THEM)
  • Posted Jun 1

    TeamViewer downloads update November 18 2017

    There is a Beta 13 version you can upgrade to if you like. But it's not always a good idea to use beta
    unless you are a tech geek. :)

    Teamviewer for Windows 32 or 64 bit version 12.1.22902.0 
    Click the direct download link below from beast-usa to download TeamViewer version 12.1.22902.0

    Teamviewer for Linux (DEB) Ubuntu 32 or 64 bit version 12.0.85001
    Click the direct download link below from beast-usa to download TeamViewer version 12.0.85001

    For Mac OSX 32 or 64 bit TeamViewer does make a version for Mac. But I'm no longer supporting it, the users are to hard to convince YES you can get viruses on a MAC, no nothing is wrong with your Mac, all Mac's are that slow. And the time involved in removing viruses and spyware from a Mac there is just no way to make affordable, people would be buying another computer. Bottom line Mac's are just not very good computers, over priced and under hardwared. :) And most not all Mac users seem to be technically challenged. :) When it comes to understanding anything about computers. Maybe that's why they have a Mac? :)

    TeamViewer Website

    Any questions just ask! :)