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  • Posted April 1, 2017

    Welp, time to upgrade from the 8350 finally.  Doing my first custom water loop (boxed kits still count as custom, right? lol).


    CoolerMaster Mastercase 5 Pro

    Ryzen 1700

    MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic

    Corsair LPX 2x8GB 3000 ddr4

    Gigabyte windforce 970, overclocked +100 core / +350 ram

    Corsair HX750

    m.2 x400 (sata) & evo 840  

    EKWB S240 kit


    Over all I think the case is excellent built.  Roomy for a mid tower with how the divider is above the psu.  So far just have the board mounted and the water loop installed.  Started running my leak test, so far so good.


    Board and rad installed up top

    Installing loop

    First tube..... wooooo!  Note, had to drill mounting holes for the res/pump combo.  Going to be close, hoping the 970 w/ air cooler fits for now.

    Testing loop

    All hooked up and pump running.  Hopefully no leaks!


    More to come!

  • Posted April 1, 2017

    Grrr Can't see the pictures! The spec's sound good!

  • Posted April 2, 2017

    beast-usa said:

    Grrr Can't see the pictures! The spec's sound good!


    Working now?

  • Posted April 2, 2017

    I see them now! Was it a privacy setting?

    Looks very nice fun to upgrade isn't it! You are our first Ryzen user we want all the info! LOL
    What are you going to be using it for? I was looking at the Thermaltake P5 for my next case upgrade.

    Need to share that with Jim he was looking at upgrading to that CPU & chipset. You will need to tell us how it performs?

    No worries on the 970 air is all you need even overclocking the 960, 970 & 980's run so cool! My fans only turn on when I'm gaming or doing video editing. The rest of the time they are at 0 RPM's temp between 47 & 54C. So I use the EVGA precision
    and force the fans to run at 20% (500 RPM's) that keeps the card at 36 to 40C. Unless I'm gaming then I set it to 50% LOL
    (1480 RPM's) then even in BF1 all on ultra it stays under 40C.  

  • Posted April 2, 2017

    More pics coming tomorrow.  And no, it was just google drive being a bastard, have to manually change the link.


    So I'll be using this rig for gaming and video encoding.  So far, the chip is performing FAR more snappy than the 8350 lol.  That said, brand new chipset so the bugs are fairly terrible.  I'm not even going to be attempting an overclock for a month or two.  Most ram sets can't even get to 3200, very few single rank sticks right now, hence the 3000 I bought.  Being brand new though, it's nice


    I love the case though, absolutely love it.  The marketing ate us alive on all the addons they said they would have as they aren't made yet, but that aside, the interior is absolutely perfect for a mid budget build.  You'll see once I get the pics up.  Just trying to install everything now lol.


    The 970 does run cool on my overclock, I just let the fans do their thing, never hear them anyways.  Want to go water cooling just because!

  • Posted April 3, 2017

    Time for more pics!  OK, so this first one.... moved my Sound Blaster Z over to this build, absolutely love the sound quality.  Absolutely hate the red led that shine down so you'll NEVER SEE THE WINDOW but it'll wreck any color scheme.  Tape mod incoming!

    Sound Card

    So turns out I overestimated a bit and the 970 fit behind the res no problem.  Still a monster of a cooler on this card though :D  Can also see the Corsair ram and the Noctua in the back (I reuse these $25 fans lmao).

    video card in

    All completed, my two spiners were able to go in the drive cage that moves under the shelf thing.  Enough room for a 40 rad up front too  which is nifty.  Still using a bluray drive but the upper cage can also be removed and a 120 put in place.  Where'd the wires go?

    Front done

    Found the wires!  In the little caddy on the right is my evo840 from last build, will be my games drive now.  So much room in  this case in fact that the jumble below the shelf is actually flat and not restricting airflow across the spinners.  At first I thought that a lack of tie down spots would be a problem but once wires started going in, the couple tie downs that are there are exactly where they were needed.


    Powered up!  So I forgot to plug the power in for the pump, shhhh. I hope one of the bios updates fixes that stupid red led as it's only function is to let me know that my ryzen doesn't have an igpu..... stupid.  But I do love the accent lighting that is apparently installed on the back of the board.  Pics didn't come out good with the window on, but there is a black out section that hides below the shelf for a very nice finished look (removable if wanted, entire side panel can be replaced with tinted glass too).


  • Posted April 3, 2017

    Just a quick 3dmark run showing the difference between the oc'd 8350 and the stock ryzen 1700




    Graphics card set exactly the same (though I do need to actually set a fan profile lol, hit 65c on the test)

  • Posted April 3, 2017

    Looks good - very clean NICE wire management! The "Noctua" fans are great fans you will be using them for awhile. LOL  I haven't used a sound card for so long. Sound blasters were my favorite when I was adding them.

    Nice benchmark I installed Win 10 to do a few of those but back to Win 7 & 8 for me. I have Win 10 on VM for helping customers but I couldn't take the speed it's so sluggish, hard drive, memory, gaming just to slow for me. I really hope MS fixes it some day. Single boot? Or are you playing with Linux I bet that system will fly on Linux! I love my Xubuntu :)
    I noticed your Win 10 is a much higher version then mine was.
    Mine 64-bit Windows 10 (10.0.10586)
    Yours 64-bit Windows 10 (10.0.14393) Do you have any memory or hard drive speeds, how many resources is it using on boot?
    Those were the things that really annoyed me.

    Win 8 uses just about 1 gig of my 32 gigs of memory on boot.
    Linux uses about 400 megs LOL

    I have some benchmark threads in here you will need to add yours!

    Sorry about the pictures you should be able to just upload them I have a 1TB SSD just for photo's but something I did or SE did a couple months ago broke the upload. :( Hopefully I will get it fixed added that drive just for photos and now the upload is broken! LOL

  • Posted April 3, 2017

    I gave up worrying about resource usage on ram.  I don't feel a slow down and there's zero point in having a pile of ram just to minimize it's usage.  I didn't check a clean boot stats, but with my full load out of every day stuff, I'm somewhere around 3 gigs.  Really not sure what I need to do to use all my ram lol, encoding doesn't even come close.


    I am having an interesting issue with benches though right now.  Hoping it's just a chipset issue.  Most of them are crashing exactly when I start it, but the ones I can get to run are running no problem.  Games don't hiccup either.


    Just a single boot system.  Bios is not very happy about dual boot yet lol, that may be a conflict w/ windows though, not sure.

  • Posted April 3, 2017

    LOL Well I can tell you how to burn through 32 gigs! I do it at least 2 or 3 times a week I want to add another 32 gigs!

    My setup now I have 2 40 inch screens and a 32 I couldn't fit the other 40 under the shelf and all of them on graphic's ports so much nicer then HDMI. :( (I will raise that shelf some day I really need 3 40's lol)
    Use teamviewer connect to 20+ remote systems, open 4 or 5 64bit browsers (Slimjet & PURE Chromium) 4 to 30 tabs in each, use 7zip on Ultra and start compressing customer back-ups ( 1 or 2 at once 100+ gigs). Then look at your 32 gigs LOL I have had mine down to 164 megs FREE! Then I start closing things before it goes boom! LOL Gaming & encoding don't use to much maybe 8 gigs if I'm doing both at the same time.

    I had the same problem with a few different benchmarks in windows 10. And all of the Futuremark benchmarks that would run were slower in Windows 10. AIDA memory & hard drives also took a hit in speed on Win 10.

    Here are some benchies I did on both Win 8 & 10

    For the dual boot I don't use the bios this Asus board has had buggy bios since day one!
    I install Window 8, unplug those drives, install Xubuntu on a different drive.
    Plug all of them back in set my raid-0 as boot (Windows) install EasyBCD and add the Linux drive.
    Boom easy boot :) by default it boots to Linux unless I choose Windows. And the bios has no problems trying to decide.

    I don't use UEFI for Win 8 or Win 10 since UEFI just gives you the same benefits you have had in raid for the last 10 years. LOL
    And I don't have any problems with my 5TB drives not using UEFI. :) The main thing I don't like about UEFI Windows can adjust your bios according to how it thinks your system should run! I don't want anything having access to my bios but me. :)

    But I have been seeing your version of Win 10 "10.0.14393" making it into the top 10 on Futuremark so they must know how to make it work. But they are all using Titan X cards. When it was 1080's they were all using Win 7 & 8.