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  • Posted August 19, 2017

    Ok this will make it much easier then trying to explain it in limited comment posts.
    Here are your website stats I promote your site when ever I can.
    Sano Medical Center web sites stat's - Look at the Pages & Hits.

    Here is another site I promote and do just their Twitter ($60 per month)
    I'm not listing the names of the sites for owner privacy. :) 
    This is my beast-usa.com site I have no time to promote it. The only promotions
    it gets are posts here on Happy.

    Here is another I do nothing with it because they want to do all their own promotion.
    This website is over six years old.

    So please take a look at your sites visits, page views and show this to Jim. The Sano website has huge traffic for a one year old site. And I did that and still promote it when ever I have free time.
    So saying it has dropped down the list is silly your website has really good stats. Not as good as Happy which I promote 24 hours a day 7 days a week. These are Happy's per month stat's