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  • Posted June 21, 2016
    It only works if your system came with Windows (SPYWARE) 10 PRO

    If you got stuck with Windows 10 on a new system. :(
    All is not lost you can dump that slow, spyware, ad selling piece of garbage!

    And yes OMG you won't have direct-x 12 well I already proved in an early post you can get
    DX-12 in windows 8 :) But it is a complete waste of time since NOTHING IS USING IT!

    Go to this link and you can UPGRADE to Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 (8.1 is almost as slow as 10 but less spyware)

    Problems you will have in Windows 10 well far to many to list. :)
    Game yep you get direct-X 12 that doesn't have EVEN ONE GAME yet. But when your friends all play games
    glitch free you will have nothing but problems, addons not loading, Steam & Origin just randomly crashing to the desktop, randomly having games just missing or getting un-installed, office programs resetting your settings because Microsoft knows best, Windows 10 adjusting or hard drive & memory speeds, you set your menu and windows fixes it for you.... The list is huge!

    Bottom line it was free? I hope no one thinks ANYTHING in life is free! So if you want tons of your person info SOLD to advertisers, you want Microsoft to control your computer and everything on your network upgrade to go SLOWER!