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  • beast-usa
    FINALLY more support for the MOST WIDELY used operating system in the world! "LINUX"

    On the last day of July, NordVPN released NordLynx, a special VPN tool for Linux computers. That, on its own, isn't especially exciting, but it's what's under...  more
    The VPN Industry Is on the Cusp of a Major Breakthrough
  • beast-usa
    I want the 10Gbps! LOL But then where would I ever find that speed from an ISP.

    If you have cable internet, you probably rent your modem from your service provider for a monthly fee on top of your internet plan—usually between $5 and $10 a month....  more
    How to Get the Best Cable Modem: Buy or Rent From Your ISP?
  • beast-usa
    Well I don't know how many times a day I can say this - WIRED - WIRED - WIRED - WIRED - WIRED - WIRED!!!

    Over a billion Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, laptops, smart IoT devices, and industrial...  more
    New Bluetooth Vulnerability Lets Attackers Spy On Encrypted Conn
  • beast-usa
    If you have a .com & hosting you already have your own PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER. Why anyone is still using gmail baffles the mind. A .com $12 to $20 per...  more
    How to Quit Gmail and Reclaim Your Privacy
  • beast-usa
    Reading the list of vendors I guess this means ANYONE on Windows can or will get hacked! LINUX LINUX LINUX

    If you own a device, or a hardware component, manufactured by ASUS, Toshiba, Intel, NVIDIA, Huawei, or other 15 other vendors listed below,...  more
    Over 40 Drivers Could Let Hackers Install Persistent Backdoor On
  • beast-usa
    "exploited over both USB and WiFi" Got to love wireless & USB! LOL Why you should always set BLOCK USB in your browser settings. And if you're on Wireless you are crazy!

    The threat of ransomware is becoming more prevalent and...  more
    Canon DSLR Cameras Can Be Hacked With Ransomware Remotely
  • beast-usa
    I think every normal non-tech person should go to one of these so they can get a clue on just how easy they are to hack!
    TIP DO NOT BRING YOUR CELL PHONE, TABLET, LAPTOP ANYTHING WIRELESS! You are in a building with thousands of hackers!

    LOL They sell a...  more
    Black Hat 2019: The Craziest, Most Terrifying Things We Saw
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa The things I hear during the day from people just makes me want to cry. Trying to explain over and over and over again just how easy they can be hacked. And it's always the same they are safe, no one wants their stuff, everyone does it... THEN OMG HELP...  more
      • Aug 10
  • beast-usa
    A few simple things to do to never get a ransomware virus.
    1. NEVER OPEN ANY EMAIL ATTACHMENTS - FROM ANYONE. (even a good source could have a virus)
    Ransomware Attacks on Businesses Are Skyrocketing
  • beast-usa
    So if they ALLOW this phone in the US? I may finally be able to get a new phone! No way in HELL I would ever use an icrap or google phone!

    Chinese telecom giant Huawei unveiled its own operating system on Friday, as it faces the threat of losing access...  more
    Huawei launches own operating system to rival Android
  • beast-usa
    Anyone using Binance?
    Better go change all you login info they got HACKED!

    Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance has become a victim of a ransom demand from a scammer who claimed to have hacked the KYC (Know Your Customer) data of thousands of...  more
    Binance KYC Data Leak — Crypto Exchange Sets $290,000 Bounty On
  • beast-usa
    LOL Never used AT&T and never will.

    United States federal government has charged a Pakistani national for bribing employees at AT&T telecommunication company over a period of five years to help unlock more than 2 million phones and plant...  more
    Pakistani Man Bribed AT&T Insiders to Plant Malware and Unlock 2
    • beast-usa
      Robert Brumley I believe anybody that takes a bribe against the US should suffer from taking the bribe and be treated as a traitor and hung publicly. Like they used to do.
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa AMEN!
      • Aug 8
  • beast-usa
    So the NEW wifi that no one is even using yet is ALREADY HACKED! LOL People STOP USING WIRELESS! ANYTHING WIRELESS WILL GET HACKED!

    The same team of cybersecurity researchers who discovered several severe vulnerabilities, collectively dubbed as...  more
    Researchers Discover New Ways to Hack WPA3 Protected WiFi Passwo
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    • beast-usa
      Robert Brumley I've been using wireless for over 5 years and have never been hacked. I have great security not only on my computer but also on Cox and before it was CenturyLink. I also have on top of that have PcMatic. Hackers want to get into the easy ones like the...  more
      • Aug 7
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa You would never know if your wireless got hacked. Only a really bad hacker would give you any trace he or she was ever there. There are 10's or thousands of wireless networks all there users and passwords posted all over the internet. Windows as bad as...  more
    • beast-usa
      Robert Brumley Well the nice thing is where I live is all retirees, There is nobody around for miles that could even be within range. I would know when I got hacked if money was gone from my bank account which it did when I lived in California using a LAN and not...  more
      • Aug 8
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa LOL It wasn't because of the LAN connection! LAN connections are safe wifi is a hackers dream. Most likely it was the browser, WINDOWS, or something wireless connected to the computer. mouse, printer, keyboard, cell phone.

      I see soooo many hacks for...  more
      • Aug 8
  • beast-usa
    Have an iphone? Why? lol GET IT PATCHED well until next weeks hack! Man for a phone that COSTS SO MUCH for so little hardware and really bad SECURITY why would anyone use one? I'm not sure I even wants someone calling me on one! LOL

    Google's...  more
    Google Researchers Disclose PoCs for 4 Remotely Exploitable iOS
  • beast-usa
    Just why I dumped Lastpass! Owned by LogMeIn famous for ONLY admitting to data-BREACHES after the data ends up FOR SALE!

    Another week, another massive data breach.
    Capital One, the fifth-largest U.S. credit-card issuer and banking institution, has...  more
    Capital One Data Breach Affects 106 Million Customers; Hacker Ar
  • beast-usa
    1. Everyone will print firearms

    Designs for a "gun" that could be produced on a desktop 3-D printer were first shared on the internet around 2013. While this may have been a powerful political statement, a single conviction and no reported injuries in...  more
    Five 3-D printing myths
  • beast-usa
    So crime still pays? The scumbag makes $100+B selling everything about members, tracking, planting MAL-WARE to track members, listening in on mic's, watching web cams, run the BIGGEST child trafficking market IN THE WORLD and gets fined 5% of hie...  more
    Facebook Agrees to Pay $5 Billion Fine and Setup New Privacy Pro
  • beast-usa
    There are now many types of robots and just as many theories on how to build them, but Dr. Suzanne Gildert, Founder and CEO of Vancouver-based Sanctuary, wants her robots to be as life-like as possible.

    "I don't think you can have intelligence without...  more
    These Human-Like 'Synths' Will Make You Do a Double Take
  • beast-usa
    Isn't it funny how other countries see problems that America never does? Google blocked in 75% of the world but 41% of Americans still use it? Facecrap blocked in 85% of the world but 33% of Americans still use it? Apple or Crapple most of the people in...  more
    Amazon will change its rules for third-party sellers following b
    • beast-usa
      Robert Brumley One thing I have noticed is Amazon Market place has nothing but con artist. Way over charging for products you can even get at a manufacturers website for a lot cheaper. And Amazon allows this? Isn't price gauging against the law?
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa Amazon does the 1980's sales tactics one or two things SUPER cheap, then everything else you buy 50 to 300% mark up! I love Smuckers boysenberry syrup on Amazon $12 to $30 per bottle, on Smuckers site $2.99 per bottle!
  • beast-usa
    Another day another google phone hack! LOL Google & Apple phones completely worthless when it come to security!

    Earlier this month, The Hacker News covered a story on research revealing how over 1300 Android apps are collecting sensitive data even...  more
    New Attack Lets Android Apps Capture Loudspeaker Data Without An
    • beast-usa
      beast-usa And don't get mad at the hackers on this one. Be mad at google for being able to listen in on your loudspeaker without telling you! 99% of the things hackers use to get your stuff off Apple, Google, FaceCrap, Windblows 10, Amazon. Is there because of the...  more
      • Jul 17
  • beast-usa
    A close-up photo shows Loihi, Intel’s neuromorphic research chip. Intel’s latest neuromorphic system, Pohoiki Beach, will be comprised of 64 of these Loihi chips. Pohoiki Beach was introduced in July 2019. Credit: Tim Herman/Intel Corporation
    A...  more
    Intel's neuromorphic system surfs next wave in brain-inspired re
  • beast-usa
    facecrap, apple, google, win 10, facecrap, apple, google, win 10, facecrap, apple, google, win 10 Anyone but me seeing a pattern?

    If you think that the media files you receive on your end-to-end...  more
    Hackers Can Manipulate Media Files You Receive Via WhatsApp and
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    • beast-usa
      Big Mac So Sorry, YA get what YOU get for being stupid!
      FaceCrook and Goofle should be banned in the US like they are in other countries!
      Don't even get me started on Crapple!
  • beast-usa
    The same security vulnerabilities that were recently reported in Zoom for macOS also affect two other popular video conferencing software that under the hood, are just a rebranded version of Zoom video conferencing software.
    Security researchers...  more
    Zoom RCE Flaw Also Affects Its Rebranded Versions RingCentral an
  • beast-usa
    Google's like Facebook it has no idea how it makes so much CASH. Oh wait it's SELLING PEOPLES PRIVATE DATA. But I'm sure this collection was on accident! LOL

    Internet giant Google acknowledged Thursday that a language expert it partnered with had...  more
    Google says partner leaked classified Dutch data
  • beast-usa
    Another day another MAC hack between Windows 10 & MAC I don't know which one gets hacked more! Just think how nice most are to hackers? MAC you always sign-in to your apple account so the hacker gets ALL YOUR INFO. Windows 10 unless you take the time to...  more
    Zoom Video Conferencing for macOS Also Vulnerable to Critical RC
  • beast-usa
    LOL I barely buy things from (no paypal!)
    Buying from any other website WITH A CREDIT CARD YOU ARE NUTS!

    Magecart strikes again!
    Cybersecurity researchers have identified yet another supply-chain attack carried out by payment card hackers...  more
    Magecart Hackers Infect 17,000 Sites Through Misconfigured Amazo
  • beast-usa
    LOL Between iPhones & Google phones I don't know which one gets hacked more!
    New Malware Replaced Legit Android Apps With Fake Ones On 25 Mil
  • beast-usa
    Anyone stayed at a Marriott lately?
    Your local hackers thank you! LOL

    I can see the perfect MARK: At Marriott, on their iPhone logging into facecrap, then their CC & Bank! Boom the hacker just got rich!
    Marriott Faces $123 Million GDPR Fine Over Starwood Data Breach
  • beast-usa
    Another day another iPhone & Google phone hack! Man why would anyone use those phones? I mean at least Android is fast with fast hardware but still not worth it to me! But an iPhone??? Over priced, SLOW, half the tech spec's of any other phone and hacked...  more
    Powerful FinSpy Spyware Found Targeting iOS and Android Users in
  • beast-usa
    Come on some of these things must be LIES!
    Google collecting data on people WITHOUT them knowing? That is just crazy talk!
    Really what MORON is still using google in 2019? I guess those that either can not or will not...  more
    Over 1,300 Android Apps Caught Collecting Data Even If You Deny
  • beast-usa
    Another 77 hacks for MS Windows 10! The best thing about these patches? They always patch it AFTER people get HACKED!

    Microsoft today released its monthly batch of software security updates for the July month to...  more
    Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Releases July 2019 Security Updates