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  • NO google "Analytics" on any of my websites! Just another reason they are safe!
    Anyone adding any google SPYWARE to their website must be crazy. 9-|
    Hackers Using Google Analytics to Bypass Web Security and Steal
  • If you simultaneously drop a feather and a bowling ball in a vacuum, they’ll hit the ground at the same time. In other words, despite their mass, they’re affected by a gravitational field in exactly the same way. The same goes for massive objects...  more
    Scientists confirm the basis of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
  • Just a couple of years ago Ford was talking up driving assist features like automatic emergency braking, lane keeping, automatic high beams and more as part of its Co-Pilot360 suite. But now in 2020 that feature list is just keeping up with the...  more
    Ford's Mustang Mach-E will add hands-free driving with a softwar
  • LOL I really hope NO ONE is dumb enough to INFECT their computer with zoom?
    When there are so many others out there with NO child porn, NO malware, NO install, 100% FREE!

    Please don't be a sheeple READ find better and SAFER things to use!
    Two Critical Flaws in Zoom Could've Let Attackers Hack Systems v
  • Lenovo just became my favorite laptop. Not only will adding Linux to the options of operating systems be great for customers. Think of the CASH Lenovo will save millions of calls per hour because something doesn't work in Windows! Everything works out of...  more
  • Still thinking about INFECTING your computers with ZOOM?
    Another FBI investigation this one for CHILD PORN!
    Why do so many people support these disgusting companies? Facebook #1 in child trafficking, rape, home invasion robberies, iphones #1 in...  more
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      beast-usa (Admin) Thank you Spinny more people need to stop using horrible software!
      This one is 100% FREE, 100% SAFE, NO INSTALL, runs in your browser/s, NO CHILD PORN, NO TRACKING, NO ADS!
      Runs in Linux, MAC & Windows. One person signs up everyone else just joins. more
  • The Best CRM Software for 2020
    Customer relationship management (CRM) tools continue to transcend their customer support and contact management roots to become multi-faceted marketing and sales solutions focused on collaboration and closing deals. Here...  more
  • $2,100 to $3,899? What hell is wrong with people paying that kind of money for a SLOW I MEAN EVER SO SLOW MAC?
    The $2,100 model can be destroyed by a $600.00 Windows / Linux laptop.
    The $3,899 can be totally run over, destroyed by a $1,200 Windows /...  more
  • Safe Web - Video Conferencing Software
    You don't need to install anything it runs in your internet browser.
    Sign-up then create a room and send the easy URL to anyone you want to join you.
    (Just say NO to ZOOM MALWARE)
  • I have a new video channel! I will be moving all my videos OFF google-tube! It's open source, no ads, no tracking no BS!
  • I want to get 100% off google-tube so I'm trying to move to "Peertube" on the diode channel. I'm working on getting these videos to upload via video sharing I may need to do another update.
    Printing ASCII Art with an Arduino and a Vintage Printer
  • "We try to follow experts' cybersecurity and privacy recommendations but quite often many of us do so halfway or we give up."
    AMEN if I waste my time telling one more person. HOW STUPID, UN-SECURE, UNSAFE for your business, personal computer, personal...  more
    Why we adopt then abandon online safety practices
  • $5B? So like always the fine is nothing in comparison of what facecrap makes selling your PRIVATE DATA. The fine should have been every dime they ever made selling your PERSONAL INFORMATION!
    Court approves record $5 bn fine of Facebook over privacy
  • Why SaaS opens the door to so many cyber threats (and how to mak
  • Wait does anyone still use iphones? LOL I thought all iphone users say not even the FBI can hack an iphone? ROTFLMBO
    Zero-Day Warning: It's Possible to Hack iPhones Just by Sending
  • People are still using google chrome? WHY???

    "Google has ousted 49 Chrome browser extensions from its Web Store that masqueraded as cryptocurrency wallets but contained malicious code to siphon off sensitive information and empty the digital...  more
    49 New Google Chrome Extensions Caught Hijacking Cryptocurrency
  • $12.00
    The M.2 NVMe + M.2 SATA SSD PCIe x4 Adapter is a unique product with 2 very different M.2 Slot. It can offer the fastest boot or data access thru the NVMe SSD and at the same time provide very fast storage through the M.2 SATA SSD. It provides the...  more
    Fry's Electronics |
  • LOL At ZOOM and facebook!

    "Organizations that have now banned Zoom include Google, Taiwan’s government, the German foreign ministry, NYC public schools (among others), Singapore’s Ministry of Education, SpaceX and NASA. Oh, and the FBI began...  more
    Zoom is now 'the Facebook of video apps'
  • Why is anyone still using this garbage? STOP USING ZOOM!
    DWService - FREE & SAFE no nagware to upgrade.
    AnyDesk - FREE & SAFE no nagware to upgrade.
    TeamViewer - FREE, SAFE, nagware that you're using it for commercial use.
    You can find any of them on ...  more
    Zoom Caught in Cybersecurity Debate — Here's Everything You Need
  • Isn't it nice of google to TRACK everything you do and where you go just to hand it over to the government? But remember this is to HELP YOU in no way would google use it for anything other then helping people! I can't believe people use google, apple or...  more
    Google to publish user location data to help govts tackle virus
  • Wait people still use Mac's & iPhones?

    If you use Apple iPhone or MacBook, here we have a piece of alarming news for you.
    Turns out merely visiting a website — not just malicious but also legitimate sites unknowingly...  more
    How Just Visiting A Site Could Have Hacked Your iPhone or MacBoo
  • People REALLY if they are making you use ZOOM - MAKE THEM SWITCH or you will get hacked!
    TeamViewer, Webex, Zoho... MS Teams & Zoom have partnered so the two most HACKED software companies (next to iPhones) have partnered up? LOL
    Unpatched Zoom App Bug Lets Hackers Steal Your Windows Password
  • It's not your computer, it's not your server, IT'S THE INTERNET all the people at home is causing the problems.
    So when a company, your ISP, any INTERNET - SERVER - NETWORK based company blames your computer IT IS NOT YOUR COMPUTER.
    Mobile and broadband networks 'coping well' with home working tr
  • Will I be right again? Is intel about to do another sneak attack and take AMD to it's knees for another 20 years? The story is about memory tech but I found this paragraph hinting at what Intel is up to.
    "Intel began exploring EUV processes nearly...  more
    Samsung brings cutting-edge ultraviolet light technology to DRAM
    • beast-usa (Admin)
      beast-usa (Admin) Bad news the new super fast Intels are two or more years away.
      • Mar 26
  • People your STUPID PHONE IS NOT EVER SECURE! Using the most UN-SECURE piece of electronics you own to secure ANYTHING is just plain INSANE!! You should NEVER use your cell phone to authorize anything! All the 2-factor, 2-step stuff is and has ALWAYS BEEN...  more
    TrickBot Mobile App Bypasses 2‐Factor Authentication for Net Ban
  • LOL And remember the government, some NOT so smart companies want you to use Windows for the security? LOL
    Yeah a new hack daily!
    Warning — Two Unpatched Critical 0-Day RCE Flaws Affect All Wind
  • FINALLY! The price for home viewing is still to high to kill pirating but it's finally a step in the right direction!
    Home viewing should be around $10 and pirating films will be dead.

    Aldis Hodge attends the LA premiere of "The Invisible...  more
    Universal is releasing movies in theaters and at home on the sam
    If you are downloading it ANYWHERE but the Microsucks Store it's NOT FROM NVIDIA!!!
    Microsucks took away Nvidia's right to give you the control panel for YOUR video card without using...  more
    NVIDIA Control Panel Windows Store App | NVIDIA
  • Cybercriminals will stop at nothing to exploit every chance to prey on internet users.
    Even the disastrous spread of SARS-COV-II (the virus), which causes COVID-19 (the disease), is becoming an opportunity for them to likewise spread malware or launch...  more
    Beware of 'Coronavirus Maps' – It's a malware infecting PCs to s
  • The easiest way to fix all the security flaws in Windows 10 UPGRADE TO LINUX!
    Microsoft Issues March 2020 Updates to Patch 115 Security Flaws