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  • beast-usa
    Mini AI of course it run on LINUX!

    To say that Nvidia is interested about artificial intelligence is an understatement. It's like saying Nvidia finds technology interesting. The company's AI platform, it said, is a decade-long, multibillion-dollar...  more
    AI hardware news: Nvidia has dev kit for tinkerers while module
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    A team of scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have taken inspiration from underwater invertebrates like jellyfish to create an electronic skin with similar functionality.

    Just like a jellyfish, the electronic skin is transparent,...  more
    Researchers create water-resistant electronic skin with self-hea
  • beast-usa
    People still using facecrap just really crack me up! The US leads the world in tech development but the people hmmm. LOL facecrap users are just a special kind of __ They track you, hack you, support the LEFT, restrict...  more
    Facebook Mistakenly Stored Millions of Users' Passwords in Plain
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    LOL At least people in the EU are smart enough to see google only lets you find things GOOGLE GETS PAID for you to find! Baffles the mind that anyone still uses that AI DRIVEN NON-SEARCH! Bing & Duckduckgo are sooooo MUCH better and you find what you...  more
    EU Slaps Google With Another $1.7B Antitrust Fine
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    Just in case anyone is looking?
    256 gig USB USB 3.1 $27.99 I have a couple set them for performance and not fast removal mine copy around 300 MB/s
    Link to all their USB's 128 gig $12.99
    ...  more
    Micro Center 256GB SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Flash - Micro Center
  • beast-usa
    Mozilla has made it easy for you to share large files securely and privately with whomever you want, eliminating the need to depend upon less secure free third-party services or file upload tools that burn a hole in your pocket.
    Mozilla has finally...  more
    Firefox Send — Free Encrypted File Transfer Service Now Availabl
  • beast-usa
    I don't know how anyone uses that garbage operating (non-operating) system! I was stuck on there for two hours today! I was ready to take my own life! IT'S SO SLOW, ANNOYING, GLITCHY and looks SO BAD!

    It's time for another batch of "Patch...  more
    Microsoft Releases Patches for 64 Flaws — Two Under Active Attac
  • beast-usa
    Wow Google doing scummy stuff? LOL It's google people why would anyone be surprised at anything a scum-bag company does?

    Google's handling of sexual misconduct by executives is coming under more scrutiny thanks to new details emerging from a...  more
    Lawsuit accuses Google of hefty payouts to execs accused of misc
  • beast-usa
    Does anyone but me notice a pattern?
    google, apple, facebook, google, apple, facebook, google, apple, facebook, google, apple, facebook, google, apple, facebook, google, apple, facebook, google, apple, facebook, google, apple, facebook ALWAYS BEING...  more
  • beast-usa
    LOL It should say YOU MUST NOT USE GOOGLE anything if you want anything secure! LOL Google chrome the slowest and MOST UNSECURE browser made! Use Chromium very fast, very safe, before google ruins it.

    You must update your Google Chrome...  more
    New Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Found Actively Exploite
  • beast-usa
    I'm starting to like these electric cars! "zero to 62 mph time of "under 2 seconds."" So the real speed people care about 0 to 100 under 4 seconds?

    As it promised last year, Pininfarina is taking on Rimac with the Battista, a...  more
    Pininfarina's 1900 horsepower Battista will go over 217 MPH
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    • beast-usa
      Robert Brumley Yep it would be nice if it was affordable and practical. Not a car you would take your family on a long trip with. or tow something with it.
      • Mar 5
  • beast-usa
    Apple easy to HACK? Who knew? LOL Everyone but the Mac users I guess!

    Cybersecurity researcher at Google's Project Zero division has publicly disclosed details and proof-of-concept exploit of a high-severity security vulnerability in macOS...  more
    Google Discloses Unpatched 'High-Severity' Flaw in Apple macOS K
  • beast-usa
    Another google phone hack in their APPS LOL People still using anything GOOGLE ARE JUST BEGGING TO GET HACKED!

    Security researchers have discovered two high-severity vulnerabilities in the SHAREit Android app that could allow attackers to bypass device...  more
    Severe Flaws in SHAREit Android App Let Hackers Steal Your Files
  • beast-usa
    7zip, 7zip, 7zip, 7zip, 7zip, 7zip!!! Faster, SAFER, 50 to 60% BETTER compression and 100% free!

    It's not just the critical Drupal vulnerability that is being exploited by in the wild cybercriminals to attack vulnerable websites that have not yet...  more
    Latest WinRAR Flaw Being Exploited in the Wild to Hack Windows C
  • beast-usa
    The battle for foldable supremacy is raging on, and Huawei has a strong contender in the Mate X. But just like with Samsung's Galaxy Fold, we haven't been able to actually touch Huawei's bendy handset. Still, we were able to get a closer look at the...  more
    A closer look at the foldable Huawei Mate X
  • beast-usa
    The WHO assembled a team of experts to look at setting international guidelines for the use of new gene editing technology.

    Who’s going to police CRISPR? That was the cry of many scientists after news broke at the end of last year that Chinese...  more
    We need to police gene editing. The World Health Organization ag
  • beast-usa
    At NDSS Symposium 2019, a group of university researchers yesterday revealed newly discovered cellular network vulnerabilities that impact both 4G and 5G LTE protocols.
    According to a paper published by the researchers, "Privacy Attacks to the 4G...  more
    New Attacks Against 4G, 5G Mobile Networks Re-Enable IMSI Catche
  • beast-usa
    BARCELONA—Husqvarna Automower's new 435X AWD robotic mower comes equipped with artificial intelligence, all-wheel drive, and smart home connectivity. It's capable of handling rough terrain and—more impressively—managing extreme slopes with an...  more
    Husqvarna's New Robotic Lawn Mower Tackles Steep Hills
  • beast-usa
    Geforce 1660 TI 6 gigs DDR6 (not fast DDR6 lol) $279 to $309
    Bottom line, Slower then a 980 GTX, 1080 GTX, AMD RX580.
    Same as a 1060 GTX in most things faster in a couple non-real world things.
    Faster then a 960 GTX.
    So if you have a 1080 GTX, 980 GTX,...  more
    Turing Goes Mainstream: First Peek at Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1660
  • beast-usa
    LOL Some form of the link hack has been around for over 15 years! Facebook to HACKERS is like fishing in a fish nursery all easy marks! I mean really people still using facecrap must be technically challenged or they wouldn't be on facecrap! LOL
    ...  more
    How to Hack Facebook Accounts? Just Ask Your Targets to Open a L
  • beast-usa

    Wohooo! Great news for hackers and penetration testers.
    Offensive Security has just released Kali Linux...  more
    Kali Linux 2019.1 Released — Operating System For Hackers
  • beast-usa
    Hackers never rest on their laurels, and are constantly finding new area to compromise security. And one particular prize is email accounts.
    How can you find out if someone has hacked your email account? This one simple trick outlined in the video can...  more
    One easy trick to foil mail bots
  • beast-usa
    Nothing on the list that I use.

    A hacker who was selling details of nearly 620 million online accounts stolen from 16 popular websites has now put up a second batch of 127 million records originating from 8 other sites for sale on the dark...  more
    Hacker Breaches Dozens of Sites, Puts 127 Million New Records Up
  • beast-usa
    LOL Just another reason to never use anything facecrap or google!

    Vincent found that cybercriminals are distributing links to blogs and services that prompt visitors to first "login using Facebook account" to read an exclusive article or purchase...  more
    WARNING – New Phishing Attack That Even Most Vigilant Users Coul
  • beast-usa
    This is so cool I want to live there!
    Shared by: /> Scientists Are Investigating Building a Space Station Inside a Giant Asteroid
    9 FEB 2019
    It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's a wild...  more
  • beast-usa
    Apple iMac (2017) "$1,299 " FOR AN i5 quad core, 8 GIGS of memory, 2 GIG video card, NO SSD just a very slow 5400 RPM mechanical drive? That's a $300 to $400 computer! I refuse to even build that LOW end of a computer! Oh wait it has a 4k screen (THAT NO...  more
    Apple iMac (2017) review
  • beast-usa
    Finally something I can agree with MS on! But they need to get stupid companies to stop writing their sites in 30 year old code!

    Old habits die hard, but they do eventually have to die. Microsoft knows there are still plenty of businesses and...  more
    Microsoft begs you to stop using Internet Explorer
  • beast-usa
    Wow so the BILLION DOLLAR company is not willing to spend the money to fix their sub-standard work? Instead they just throw the people that were duped into using them under the bus!

    Sixteen months after it switched on its Fiber network in...  more
    Google Fiber to shut down in Louisville after ongoing service is
  • beast-usa
    LOL Got to love google phones! If google would give up the data mining and lock those phones down they would be great. Not like they need more money selling the data?

    Using an Android device?
    Beware! You have to remain more caution while opening an...  more
    Android Phones Can Get Hacked Just by Looking at a PNG Image
  • beast-usa
    I guess the safest thing has always been the same? NEVER OPEN ANYTHING FROM ANYONE!

    It's 2019, and just opening an innocent looking office document file on your system can still allow hackers to compromise your computer.
    No, I'm not talking about...  more
    Severe RCE Flaw Disclosed in Popular LibreOffice and OpenOffice