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    Darqpony (Admin) She doesn't like him... she likes his ROOM! And his Cloak of Invisibility (her particular favorite blanket, I don't know why) that he fluffs to perfection for her when she asks on top of the couch, under the air conditioner... LOL All these rules... that ...  more
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    beast-usa I don't do anything for those dogs! I only have their pictures for the milk cartons! LOL
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    H.J.Delight VIP You guys need to get your stories straight. So Gary has a cloak of invisibility? I want to see that! Oh wait, I can't.
  • beast-usa
    beast-usa mym has the cloak of invisibility that she uses to hide from Tammy in my room.
    Because my room has no rules FREE FOR ALL! LOL
    Mar 10