• beast-usa OK I WILL BE SENDING THIS OUT EACH MONTH. IF YOUR COMPUTER IS NOT ON AT 10PM which MEANS 10PM it gets skipped that MONTH! Starting late just messes up the night for everyone.
    Mon at 11:36 PM

  • Laurie A. Toland VIP Hi Gary, I'm having a problem with pages trying to load and am getting error messages and the page won't load. Can you check this out for me when you work on my computer tonight. Thanks
    Sep 9

  • Darqpony (Admin) ahhhhhh,.... dark green again.... my eyes are so relaxed again... LOL
    March 29, 2017

  • DOLORES VIP Hi Gary: Please look at your emails for my response.
    Dec 6

  • John Woodruff VIP hi Gary ..Computer is on...
    Dec 8