• Raymond Roy To all my peeps.. just had rotator cuff surgery last week and I've been recovering, so I haven't been online.. It's still hard to type.. guess I'll need another week to heal...
    May 12

  • Skooter Lee VIP As always, thank you, Gary!!
    Mar 23

  • beast-usa Outside again today most of the day. I will check messages on HAPPY ONLY every two hours. :)
    Aug 16

  • Don Mays VIP Have you sent my mail yet?
    Aug 19

  • CC1776 VIP Historical Roots of the Second Amendment
    Jul 8

  • Margarita Happy New Year !
    Jan 4

  • designeranne80 (Admin) I'm working on a new theme. I will change it back to the default when I'm finished! :)
    May 21, 2017

  • Alfred Avila Hi y'all, Gary we need Computer help!
    Aug 15