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Happy As Is TeamSpeak 3 Server

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    We have a TeamSpeak 3 server members can use :)
    It is password protected - PM (PRIVATE MESSAGE) Beast, Raymond or Jaymz to get the password.

    First download the newest version.
    Downloads TeamSpeak 3 from Happy As Is Forums

    You need it for client either 32 bit or 64 bit (32 bit should work on both 32 & 64bit systems)

    NoFear-TRP server IP

    After it's setup to find Happy's server "NoFear-TRP"

    1. Click Connections (top left)

    2. Next click Server List.

    3. On the right under Server name Select Contains Then write
    NoFear-TRP (No Fear Computers - The Raptor Pit) If it shows up on the
    left all is good. Double click and skip the next step. If not click
    Advanced filter on the bottom and go to step 4.

    4. Select Show only with password Click Apply filter at the
    bottom. Then you should see it if the spelling is correct.

    5. Enter the password you received from beast-usa, Raymond Roy
    or Jaymz Martin. Click OK

    6. Know add it to your bookmarks. Click Add to Bookmarks.

    7. If it's the only server you will be using. Click Manage Bookmarks.

    8. Select Connect on Startup, then apply then OK. You are all
    done unless you want your own channel. If you're playing a different
    game or just want to chat with someone else. Go to step 9.

    9. Create your own channel. Right Click on Default Channel,
    at the bottom Left Click Create Channel.

    10. Type in a name for your channel. Add a password if you like it's not needed.
    Left click OK. Then you will be moved to the new channel you just created.

    Any problem or questions please ask :)

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