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Internet Browser Speed Ratings on October 08 2019.
Xubuntu x64, Windows 8 Pro x64, Windows 10 Pro x64.
Chromium IS CHROMIUM - NOT the spyware data mining crap browser google chrome!
This is TRIPLE boot not VM's. I thought why not run all three maybe I just don't like Windows 10? But Windows 10 always seems so slow, sluggish, crawling along. Well I was right it is just plain slower than Xubuntu and Windows 8.
You really need to just laugh at Windows 10 LOL Think about it imagine you are buying a new CPU, Video any hardware and the sales pitch is "This CPU is 20 to 35% SLOWER then the one you're using!" How many people would pay more to go slower? But yet so many people downgrade to Windows 10?


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