• LUPE LEON VIP Hi Gary: Is Lola, I could not sign in into my acct. so I am using Lupe's. The situation here is very critical. We have not been able to operate with AXium CM since yesterday late afternoon. I have spent hours last night with ATT and today most of the day and ATT claims that their outage had been fixed this early morning before 7:00 am. We have finally concluded that the problem must be the server because SA is not having any problems with Axium and in CM they can access every website except the RDP (Server). We are loosing a lot of business in CM and we are continuing loosing business. I had to send some employees home and cancel patients and you do not answer the phone.... can't even write here any more, I am very upset!!!
    Mar 11

  • michael ralph alvelais VIP Gary,, Happy Green Irish day.. How do I message you? Nothing looks familiar now.. Can you call me?
    March 17, 2018

  • David N. Ebbert VIP Gary.....can i stop this afternoon to pick black beauty pc?
    July 31, 2019

  • lety bautista VIP I can't work, Gary please help me
    January 30, 2018

  • Don Mays VIP Hi, Gary: Frontier is leaving me high and dry again. I was without any means of communication by phone until about 8:30 last night. My land line went out Saturday morning, and is still out, pending until they locate and fix the problem "in my area", meaning it is not specific to my line. That was why I didn't have TV reception from Monday until Thursday last week. My Tracphone cellphone ran out of minutes, also ran out of minutes. I had a Tracphone time card around the house, but I couldn't find it until last night. I added it to my phone last night, and notified 3 people that I was communicatively down to that form of talking to anybody, and I didn't know how long my land line would be down. I tried to make a phone call this morning, and, of course, it didn't work! I then realized the battery was too low, so I had to charge it up---so it is working now. I will let you know when my land line is working again.---Don
    Jan 13

  • beast-usa (Admin) Outside all day today if you're having problems please check the side menu "HAPPY COMPUTER SERVICE". I have forum posts for most of the common problems.
    9 hours ago