• Nina C. Miller VIP My Del Taco experience lol Gary please feel free to do a twitter rant in my honor! Over a period three days and three visits to the Del Taco in Norco, CA, they couldn't get the order of two spicy chicken burritos correct. On Thursday July 15, I ordered food through the drive through for myself and my roommates and asked three times to make sure the order was correct. When I got home my roommate said they were bean and cheese burritos and not edible as they were two salty. I didn't have time in my work day to return immediately but I called and tried to talk to the manager on July 16. First of all, their phone number is connected to a fax so I had to call several times to get to a person whom I could hardly hear or understand. He said bring the receipt and come back and he would replace the burritos so I went there today, July 17 with the receipt and they still had to confirm with the manager that he had agreed to replace the burritos. Of course I did not bring back the old incorrect two day old burritos. I went inside and the server was really nice and I ordered more food and when I got home I was told by my roommate there was still a bean and cheese burrito. Unbelievable! I called back through the fax and told the manager I would be back through the drive through to pick up my correct burritos. He did not ask me to return the burritos. I jumped in my car and drove straight back but when I got there the "manager" who looked twelve years old refused to replace the burritos without my driving back and getting the old burritos. He refused to give me his name. He refused to give me the phone number to complain to Del Taco corporate. I had to push hard to get the name of the general manager of the Norco store! I still do not have my spicy chicken burritos or a refund and I have been enjoying Del Taco at this store for over 30 years. I will be talking to the store manager but am not convinced that service or satisfied customers are a priority.
    Jul 17

  • spinny VIP UPDATE ! the vulcano still disturbs the firefox and causes it to crash lolololol yesterday i watched the vulcano life stream and there were amounts of quakes always on la palma and when the 3,9 0r 4,5 striked -the vids were shattering and fire fox gone lolololand no joke -the loud booms shake my laptop also -very uncomfortable sound and frequency ! and i still get time overdue -as the data flows in via the lan connectionen like drop by drop
    Tue at 1:42 AM

  • beast-usa (Admin) Links and video links should be working again. :)
    Wed at 6:17 AM

  • Erika Garcia VIP Happy Birth Day Gary!!! enjoy your day
    September 25, 2020

  • John Woodruff VIP Gary...Please Call me...important..thank you
    May 4

  • Darqpony (Admin) This is what horses do all the time! WEird CrazY stuff like this! LOL http://dalesdesigns.net/trouble.htm
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