• CC1776 VIP Wait so we only have to pay beast with diet cokes!!!!
    Apr 30

  • Skooter Lee VIP As always, thank you, Gary!!
    Mar 23

  • spinny VIP hallo Gary i tried up to ten times to correctly type and paste all in this superterminator window lolol but it never worked and opend the dvd styler til today -and now i cant find the forum page again to give it more tries next days lololol-we made copies on a few sticks meanwhile and Su takes it to k-town to her officer specialist in the bureau may be he can do quick a few copies lolol til i will be successfull
    Feb 14

  • Pickle New build happening over next couple days! Pics included woooooo!!! Check it out in the geek's corner.
    April 1, 2017

  • John Walkowiak No, the money is not owed for cause. First, there is NO MONEY. Second, there is NO authority for National Banks, No authority for an FDIC, and on and on. Questions?
    Thu at 8:05 PM