• Raymond Roy For some of my Raptor Pit friends I have some bad news.. Roger(AKA Caintry Boy) has passed away.. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family.. RIP Bro
    Aug 24

  • beast-usa Away from my phone for the next two hours. :)
    Dec 6

  • John Woodruff VIP hi Gary ..Computer is on...
    Dec 8

  • Norah Donahue VIP Hey Gary, I just signed up recently and would like to find out how to go about hiring you and or your services. :) I need help with my pc!
    Sep 8

  • scott strickland Gary Lindsey forgot her password she can’t get in can you call her when you get a chance
    Jan 16

  • Joseph Malone VIP Thanks Gary, appreciate your help. I am all signe up!
    March 27, 2017