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I had to share this why you should always read reviews then decide if it was written by a MORON!
I'm attaching the screen shot he used to show how BAD the NVME drive was. OMG I can't laughing and he was wondering why the company ignored him? Because he is as DUMB as a rock!
I don't think he should even own a computer! I want all the geek people to jump when they see how stupid this guy is and maybe he should just stick with an iPhone! LOL

His Review 1 star LOL
Keep looking!
By Kenneth K. at 8/23/2020 1:56:01 PM
Verified OwnerOwnership: 1 week to 1 month
Pros: Easy to install and setup and the drive was insanely fast after initial install. However the performance and integrity of the drive diminished drastically in less than 2 weeks. See Crystaldiskmark test results.

Cons: Sabrent customer service was a waste of time. After having me provide proof of purchase and ownership even though the drive had been registered in my name with them for warranty purposes. I had to provide screenshots of my system including OS, make and model of mobo with bios number, cpu, memory and graphics card. Then I was ask to clear and reset the cmos . The Crystaldiskmark scores didn't improve. I was then ask to install the drive on another mobo and retest it from there. After reporting the results I never heard back from Sabrent. I sent an email asking why and was told that the service ticket had been closed do to zero response from me to previously sent emails. I forwarded the email chain with all of my responses and a request to RMA the drive. I have never heard from them since. I contacted Newegg and obtained and RMA authorization and returned the drive. I hope to get a full refund in a timely manner.


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