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VIP Remote Repair Maintenance Schedules

  • VIP's with remote repair:
    I'm doing my very best to schedule work that works for everyone. But there are too many different contact areas, some want text messages, email, voice-mail, phone call, private messages. I don't mind doing that if something is not working and it needs emergency repair. But for normal maintenance to give everyone the best service we need a better system. This will be the best way to keep my price plans affordable for everyone. It's like this, 200 computers x 6 different areas of contact = 1200 places. That's too many places I need to check all day long to make sure I didn't
    miss anyone with a problem.

    The very best way to get a hold of me is on Happy As Is. I have also setup a Chat Room just for help top menu Chat then Browse Chatrooms "Remote Repair"

    I will start adding this short cut on everyone's desktop.
    If you don't have this short-cut on your desktop you can find it in Control Panel



    Step 1.
    Double click the Power Options shortcut.


    Step 2.
    Click “Change when the computer sleeps.


    Step 3.
    Laptops - PLUGGED IN ONLY “Put the computer to sleep: click the button and choose NEVER.
    Desktops - “Put the computer to sleep: click the button and choose NEVER.
    Do not adjust the screen let the screens go to sleep.


    Step 4.
    Get a good nights sleep. :)

    I will reset the correct sleep time and put the laptops or desktops to sleep
    when I am finished.

    If the first name of the person (or first letter in your business name) that set
    up the VIP with remote repair account starts with A or B your maintenance/repair
    night would be the 2nd of each month. And so on. Please read the chart
    below for your day. 


    10:00PM to 6:00AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT minus 8 hours) 

    I'm changing the days for better load balancing when I do the work.

    All VIP's will receive a message with the new day. Some VIP's will still
    have the same day.

    Remote Service Nights: (These are also nights for make ups if you missed your night)
    2nd and 3rd
    6th and 7th
    10 and 11th
    14th and 15th
    18th and 19th
    21st to the 1st are for setting new computers and servers.

    Remember this does not mean I will only work on your computers on those days.
    These days are just for updates and maintenance. If you are having a problem
    and need help please contact me.

    How to setup TeamViewer 
    Please remember if you don't already own it YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY IT. I have a licensed copy to be able to access and work on your computers. 

    If you have any questions please ask. :)

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