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Happy As Is TeamSpeak 3 Server

  • We have a TeamSpeak 3 server members can use. :)
    One Channel for Gaming, one for Remote Support.
    Both are password protected - PM (PRIVATE MESSAGE) beast-usa, Raymond or Jaymz to get the password for the gaming channel.
    PM (PRIVATE MESSAGE) beast-usa for the Remote Support password.


    1. Download the newest version.
    Downloads TeamSpeak 3 from Happy As Is Forums
    You can download either 32 bit or 64 bit (32 bit should work on both 32 & 64 bit systems)
    Double click the file you downloaded "team-speak3-client-all-windows-64bit-verX.X.X.exe"
    Click Next.

    2. READ the license agreement, like most you don't have a choice. If want to
    use it you must agree! No worries nothing in there like Apple, google or
    facecrap have. Scroll Down, Check I accept, Click Next.

    3. Select the type of install, you would only select "Install just for me" if you
    have multiple users and you don't want anyone else to use it. Click Next.

    4. The default install location is fine for 99% of the people. I change mine
    and install it in the games folder on my game drive. So I write in
    "E:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3". I do this so I can wipe my operating
    system out at anytime, restore and image, even a clean install and TS3 is
    still setup and working.

    5. Again I store my files "inside the installation folder" just in case of a clean
    install, lose of the OS drive... I don't keep anything on the OS drive but
    Windows it's such an un-stable piece of junk! :) On Linux I'm not so worried
    I do clean installs of Linux about every 5 to 6 years when the new version
    has all the bugs worked out.

    6. I don't install this there is already too much junk going on in games! 
    everyone wants to be a star! LOL If you don't want it DON'T check the box
    and click Install (Install installs TeamSpeak)

    7. Again READ the agreement, click I accept (you have No choice if want to use it).
    But like the last one no worries nothing like Apple, Google, Facecrap... TeamSpeak3
    does NOT own your personal data, does not take ownership of everything said in
    TeamSpeak and does not listen in on what you are saying!

    8. Sign-in your setup an account if you like YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS
    USE TEAMSPEAK. I have a server account and I never sign-in.

    9. Choose a username / nickname this is what other people see when they join
    the channel. So please don't use rude or childish usernames. :) Lots of kids use
    my channels so keep that in mind.

    10. Next you need to connect to Happy's channel "No Fear Computers". Click
    Connections, Click Server List.

    11. Contains: Type in No Fear Computers or the server you are looking for. For Happy As Is users
    it's No Fear Computers. Make sure all the locations are set to All. Then click Advanced filter.
    (The location of the server changes all the time, this one use to be in Texas!) 

    12. Select "Show only with password" and "Can create channels" Click Apply.

    13. For Happy's server double click the server that says "No Fear Computers" Oh look now it's in
    Canada and we only have one Canadian player (Jim) LOL

    14. You should get a pop-up box asking for the password. Use the password you
    received for your channel "Gaming", "Remote Support Service" or one created
    by a user.

    15. If you're here for gaming right "Gaming" then left click "Switch to Channel".
    you only need to do this once. After you set bookmarks and default login you
    will go right to the channel you want. You can delete the "TeamSpeak Public 
    Channel if you see it and don't want or need it.

    16. Setup your bookmarks, Click Bookmarks, Click Add to Bookmarks then Click
    Manage Bookmarks.

    17. Be sure to write in your DEFAULT CHANNEL and it's PASSWORD. Then select connect on
    Startup. Click OK now every time you start TeamSpeak 3 it will go to your default channel.
    You can change channels at anytime. 

    18. Setting up or tuning your voice and sound. Click Tools, then at the bottom
    click Options.

    19. Setup your sound so you can easily hear everyone or not hear them. LOL

    20. Setup your voice and voice activation. ALWAYS USE VOICE ACTIVATION. Some people do or
    try push to talk but you will be talk and will have forgotten to push the keys! LOL You should speak
    in a normal voice just like when you're talking to someone. Adjust the center slider up or down so
    it's just a few marks behind the peak level. If you adjust it to low people won't hear you, if you
    have it to high you will cause feed back or echos for everyone in your channel. So adjust it test it,
    ask the other people in your channel how you sound. And you NORMALLY only need to do this once.
    Or anytime you add new sound equipment.  

    You are all setup :) enjoy the free PRIVATE TeamSpeak from Happy As Is & No Fear Computers.
    Any problem or questions please ask :)

    Thermaltake Core V71, Water cooled, Raystorm Waterblock, 270 GPH Pond Pump, 5 Gallon Reservoir, Asus Rampage v Extreme (Bios 3101), Intel i7-6950X Extreme Edition @4000MHZ, 64 gigs Crucial Ballistix Tractical DDR4-3000 15-15-15-33 CR2, EVGA RTX 2080 TI XC, Hard Drives Crucial M550's Raid-0, Crucial SSD 1TB gig, 2 Western Digital 5TB 128meg cache, 2 Seagate 4TB 256meg cache, Corsair 1050 watt SINGLE RAIL, OS LINUX Xubuntu 18.04.2 x64
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