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Overclocking Nvidia Cards to get to stock memory speeds

  • Has your gaming seemed slow?
    Have your benchmarks seemed slow?
    Has your H/s dropped when mining crypto?
    Nvidia is THROTTLING the memory speeds on those really not so fast anymore cards!
    I will show you how to get at least your stock memory speeds back. 

    Well I have been GREEN for about 20 years! I have bought a few ATI cards over the years but was never happy with them until now the RX 580 cards are great! And guess what they run at the speed you set NO THROTTLING the memory speeds! Last time I liked ATI was the 9800 Pro! LOL I have 317 Nvidia cards registered at EVGA and I own 11 ATI/AMD cards. LOL

    If you're using Nvidia and you noticed in your games, minning, benchmarking that they have gotten slower? I'm not sure when Nvidia did it but they drop the cards performance level the second you stress them. It doesn't matter which OS Windows or Linux not sure what happens on a Mac PC (PERSONAL COMPUTER). I noticed this in Linux with the Xorg software it shows the cards level of performance. 0, 1, 2, 3 if you set the "Preferred Mode" to "Prefer Maximum Performance" the card/s will jump to Level 3. But the second you benchmark, start a game, start mining they drop to level 2! This is really sad you pay two or three times more for Nvidia cards for the SUPER MEMORY speed then it drops to a cheep card!

    To get the real speed out of your Nvidia cards first you need to find out what the real memory speed is. You can go to the website for the maker of the card. Or in Linux using Xorg look at the level 3 speed.

    No it's not the power supply, the motherboard, the screens... I tested this on FIVE different 1000 watt, 3 850 watt 1 750 watt power supplies. On a Q9300 Dell junk MB, Q6600 gigabyte, i3-3220 EVGA, i7-2600K Asus, 2 i5-7400 Asus, i7-7700 Asus, i7-7700 EVGA and 6950X Asus. I tested a 1080, 13 1060's, 5 1050's always the same results! 

    This is my GTX 1080 SC2. The stock memory speed is 10010 MHZ on this card.

    This is what happens the second you do anything with the card.
    You drop to level 2 and your memory runs 1000 MHZ slower! The core clock also runs at level 2
    but level 2 is already max. (level 3 is the stock memory speed)

    To get the STOCK speed you need to adjust the memory timing up until it hits the STOCK speeds listed
    for the spec's on your card/s. KEEP THE "PREFERRED MODE" ON AUTO If you set it to performance
    the second you stop, playing, benchmarking, mining the card will jump to LEVEL 3 when it's not needed!
    And will most likely crash your system. I set the clock speeds after I start what ever I'm doing that drops
    the cards to level 2. :( huge pain for such costly cards! On Auto you are pretty safe with an OC that
    only hits stock speeds the card will jump to level 3 for a fraction of a second and drop to level 0 or 1.

    For benchmarking, mining, gaming you will need to bump them up. In Linux the number you set is
    the number you get. 500 = 500, 1000 =1000 So with a 1400 MHZ overclock I'm really at a 416 MHZ
    overclock because the card only runs at level 2! If Nvidia keeps this up what would be the point of
    buying the over priced Nvidia cards? I can still stop the gaming, benching or mining with the
    PREFERRED MODE on AUTO and it does not crash my system. It does jump to level 3 for a fraction
    of a second. 

    In windows the overclock is doubled 500 = 1000, 1000 = 2000 to hit a STOCK memory speed.
    you need to overclock the card 505 MHZ giving you 10010 MHZ memory speed. The 1000 MHZ OC
    times 2 = 2000 MHZ in windows. But as you can see it's really only 1000 5514 X 2 = 11014 MHZ.
    (Stock memory speed is 10010 MHZ) The thing I do like better is it's much easier to lower the power
    use! LOL You stress a 1080 and it will suck 180 to 200 watts!

    This is a GTX 1060 6 gigs of memory. If you don't want to look up the spec's "LEVEL 3" is the stock
    memory speed that you can only run if you overclock the cards!

    Same thing on the 1060's Nvidia is throttling down. THIS IS NOT AN EVGA problem.
    I tested MSI, ASUS and EVGA most of my cards are EVGA 317 of them!

    Memory overclock to hit stock memory speeds. Remember two things AUTO and the HIGH PRICED
    cards only run at level 2. They will run at level 3 in PREFERRED PERFORMANCE MODE. But as
    soon as you start a game, benchmark, miner they drop to level 2. And if you overclock to even stock
    speeds in PERFORMANCE MODE the second you stop gaming, mining, benching your system will most
    likely CRASH.

    Memory overclock for mining, benching, gaming so a 797 MHZ overclock is really about 400MHZ.

    To get stock clock in windows on the GTX 1060 6gigs of memory. 205 X 2 = 410 memory overclock
    which only brings the memory up to stock speeds.

    If Nvidia keeps this up I won't be buying anymore Nvidia cards. I'm pretty happy with the performance on the RX 580 8gig's of memory. For the price and performance they are a much better buy then the GTX 1060 6 gigs of memory or the GTX 1080 8 gigs of memory. The 1060's are the same price and are SLOWER with less memory! And you can get two or more RX 580's for the price of one GTX 1080 8gig!

    Any questions just ask!
    My System:
    Case: Thermaltake Core V71 Tempered Glass.
    Motherboard: Asus Prime TRX40-Pro.
    CPU: AMD Threadripper [email protected] OC.
    Water Block: EK Velocity sTR4 copper & nickel.
    Radiator: Thermaltake Pacific CL429 64mm pure copper.
    Water Pump & Res: 320 GPH Pond Pump, 5 Gallon Reservoir.
    Memory: 64 gigs Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3600 18-19-19-39 CR1.
    Video Card: EVGA RTX 2080 TI XC Ultra
    Hard Drives: 1 Crucial 256gig M550, 3 Crucial 2TB SSD's,
    1 Western Digital 5TB 128meg cache, 2 Seagate 4TB 256meg cache.
    Power Supply: Corsair 1050 watt SINGLE RAIL.
    OS's: LINUX Xubuntu 20.04 LTS x64 and Windows 10 Pro 2004.
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