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Call of Duty Black OPS 4

  • Well it's not on steam would be better on steam! It's on Blizzard/ so you need yet another sign-up! And it's one of those crap servers that only uses letters and numbers NO SPACES, UNDERSCORES or DASHES! So I had to change my username! "beastusa" no dash! Not that important but today in 2018 a server that can't use a "-" LOLOL I think it must be hosted on a Winblows server I think those are the only servers that can ONLY do standard letters & numbers. Who in this day and age hosts on WINDOWS? EVERYTHING RUNS ON LINUX SERVERS! Maybe that's what causes all the SUPER LAGGY games?
    Then download and install more gaming software, then the game just to play ONE game! I guess if you are a World of Warcraft player you already have it I am not and most likely never will be.

    They said this was to stop HACKERS, the lag... I thought that I had played something on before and remember it having horrible LAG. Well Black OPS 4 is SUPER LAGGY and glitches about 50% of the time. For me it was so bad in half the games I played I just left the games!

    Your starting weapons can't kill anything unless you hit them with it! Then add the freeze frame lag half the time you go to aim or shoot your screen will freeze and you're dead. And this is not the Windows 10 micro freezes this is who knows what? I don't use garbage Windows 10.

    Things you don't have in Black OPS 4:
    You can't pick a server like the last few games you get tossed into some random lobby.
    Even if you have a super low ping 20 to 25 ping you will still have horrible lag! 

    Things you do have in Black OPS 4:
    Old Black OPS 1 maps! LOLOLOL I played 4 games before I saw I map that was a mix of Black OPS 2 & 3 so far I haven't seen one NEW fresh from scratch map. To be fair there are 14 maps on release and I have not played them all. But all the ones I did play I played 10 years ago! LOL

    If you don't change your settings when you post in the chat in the games it SHOWS YOUR REAL NAME??? WTH?
    The settings are under your profiles in the GUI.

    Quickscope losers LOL they said they were going to fix that NOPE. Game controller, aim-assist get close (with in a couple feet) shoot one shot kills. I don't know who is a bigger loser a quickscoper, game controller or cheater. All three seem the same to me. They really need to just put QS & controller loser all together in one lobby and let the rest of us play. If you are so bad you need to QS with a controller go pay on Xbox or PS4!

    Yep lots of lag, aimbots, wall hacks so NO is not even as good as Steam at stopping cheaters! I couldn't believe the game was out less then an hour and there were already CHEATERS? I almost never see cheaters I've seen more and more in Call of Duty WW2 lately because the game is dead no one is playing it anymore. But cheaters in the first hour of a game that will have no cheaters? LOL It is a new game and it is Call of Duty for some reason so many younger people cheat. I don't get it very sad to be that big of a loser.

    After you get to rank 6 or 7 will can wear body armor add that to a flak jacket and most people will take more then a full clip in your gun to kill. Unless you have some cheat running then you can wipe out the whole team with a pistol! LOL Saw that I few time last night!

    Pre-purchase gives you all kinds of perks - NOT I didn't see anything. But the game is new maybe those will show up later?

    Overall I would say if you didn't buy it DON'T buy it. Or at least wait until maybe they fix the cheating, the lag, add new maps. If you never played Black OPS 1 then they are all new maps to you! LOL For me just another OVER priced game that doesn't run in Linux, has cheaters, is super laggy... Yes just another standard Call of Duty game. Call of Duty WW2 is still the best Call of Duty in the last ten years. I'm guessing this game will last about 3 to 6 months before most stop playing for the normal reasons, no maps, lag, cheaters.

    I do see why there was no "Try before you Buy" no one would buy it!
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