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Laptop Ports

  • Here are a few random VGA, S-Video, HMDI, USB 2, USB3/3.1, USB-C, Sound, Power, MicroSD, ExpressCard ports.

    Depending on the laptop you may have one sound / headphone and mic combo port.
    Or separate speakers and mic ports. These are side ports.

    Dual front sound / headphone and mic ports.

    This is a blue VGA port, VGA ports can be either blue or black.

    This should cover all of the ports you see on your laptops. Of course I'm not saying they aren't
    anymore! There also firewire, DVI video ports I don't have any of those pictures and new ones
    are being added all the time. But this should help with most of the laptops / tablets people use.

    As always any questions just ask! 
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