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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Xubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop Icons & Settings.

  • These settings should work on any Ubuntu based Distro NOT USING the stupid unity desktop.
    Using menus you read you can still choose to search for a picture. :)

    I have tested these in Xubuntu 18.04.6 XFCE, Lubuntu 18.04.2 XFCE, Mint 19.3 XFCE.

    Desktop Settings:
    Right click the Desktop on any monitor.

    Certain desktop settings will be system wide but backgrounds are set per monitor, per workspace.
    This is Linux each Monitor can have as many "Workspaces" as you need. I have three monitors with four "Workspaces" each which equals 12 monitors.
    As far as I know every FREE Linux Distro can do this. You know something the $200+ operating systems have never mastered. lol 

    Desktop Backgrounds:
    You can set a single picture or choose a folder and select "Change the background" drop list  in seconds, in minutes, in hours, start up...

    Menu Settings: it's pretty simple check or uncheck the things you want to see on a right click.
    Again this is not Windows you have 100% control on everything in Linux!

    Change Icons:
    You can change sizes, font size, show icons, show hidden icons. Another great thing about Linux you
    don't need to have 125%, 150%, 200% ZOOM ON EVERYTHING! You can just adjust the size on the
    icons, menu items, every single item by it's self.

    I personally don't have any icons on my desktops I turned them on just for the screen shot. I only
    have 3 40 inch monitors with 4 workspaces each I can't have icons cluttering the screens up! :)
    I put everything on the bottom Cairo Dock that I use all the time everything else is on the menu.
    And notice NO GOOGLE CHROME!
    Icons left to right:
    Steam for Linux, Lutris, VLC, Pcloud, GNU Cash, Exodus, Virtual Box (run windows inside Linux), Remmina (RDP with SCALING), TeamViewer 15.3, VeraCrypt, Nemo File Manager, Desktop Nova, Chromium, Brave, Terminator Terminal, Slimjet, FireFox (bad DNS trackers), Notepad QQ, Libre Writer, Libre Calc, Orage Calendar, Thunderbird Mail, Spotify. LOL That's only half of the dock!

    As always any questions just ask!
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      February 25, 2020 10:57 PM PST