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Healing Cancer With Common Sense and Dr. Thomas Lodi Learn what cancer is and how it can be treated with natural metabolic means. In this interview Dr. Thomas Lodi ...
Posted Aug 20 - Filed in Education - #cancer  #Healing  #Science 
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  • spinny VIP
    spinny VIP thats all great stuff -but unfortunatly still rareley known and not realy exercised and tested enough -cause it never was comercial promoted
  • beast-usa
    beast-usa So what you are saying Spinny is ALLWAYS FOLLOW the CASH? :)
    Aug 24
  • spinny VIP
    spinny VIP i think its all worth a try -many alternativ treatments have much benefits -and mostly they are not dangerous and have rare side effects and its often even good for healthy people to find a regulated lifestyle in balance for the body