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Installing Open VPN and using FREE VPN's

Posted by beast-usa
Posted July 12, 2013 - Filed in How To
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  • beast-usa
    beast-usa Use this to get your public IP not that google spyware.
  • spinny VIP
    spinny VIP thank you -i allready wrote Andy -i will make sure everything is nicely done - next what i try to do -i also changed most passwords today -cause there were three false tries to log in my mailbox last week -and i didnt open this mailbox for weeks and did n...  more
  • spinny VIP
    spinny VIP by the way you have such a friendly video voice -i hate it if people do videos on which you hardly can understand anything cause the voice rhytm and melody is total out of balance
  • beast-usa
    beast-usa False tries is bad but :) it's great that they couldn't get in!!! And not saving any passwords in your browser ever keeps you much safer! You can add Lastpass it's a great password saver. Then you just have one SUPER long password! LOL

    I'm glad you can u...  more
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