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Boyhood is not a Mental Illness :)

  • Boyhood is not a Mental Illness :)

    Girls will just need to learn some day. Boys are just wild, they don't need drugs, therapy,
    diagnosed or trained to be more feminine.

    12 True & easy things to remember about men & boys.
    #1 We love playing with fire.
    #2 We love things that go BOOM.
    #3 We love guns, all guns, any gun.
    #4 We love driving everything fast!
    #5 We love our favorite old shirts, pants, shoes.
    #6 We are always hungry.
    #7 We don't like being bossed (even when were wrong) Which of course is almost never lol
    #8 We don't need urgent care, unless we are missing an arm or leg.
    #9 We don't like foo foo things.
    #10 We don't understand the word cute.
    #11 We don't like or want to take a shower, bath, shave every 20 minutes.
    #12 We can not read a girls mind - EVER. If it's in black & white right in front of us.
    Most likely we still won't get it!

    See how easy guys are :)

    Great Story :)
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