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Site Attack by Islam the Religion of Pieces

  • The sites DNS servers got hacked yesterday. We are still checking the site to see if they gained access to any personal info. So far it doesn't look like they gained access to anything but the DNS servers. The site is hosted on different servers!

    The site was hacked by some crazy Muslims (Muslim Brotherhood). Giving you the message of how peaceful and great Islam is. I hope those morons really don't think anyone in the world is that STUPID? You know the group the president doesn't belong too! :D

    I mean really that's the way to show everyone how peaceful Islam is, hack websites that talk bad about one of their own (Barry Soetoro - Obama's real name). Behead people, beat women and children, kill children for what their parents believe, bomb anyone not obeying them, have total control over everyone! Wait I guess obama really does follow the Religion of Pieces. Sounds just like what that piece of dog poo is doing to America on a daily basis!

    I guess that's what happens when you start telling people about what a POS the Commander and Kenyan is!

    Thank god the they were about as smart as the Kenyans he has running his website. (

    So for future reference:
    I will still tell the truth about that lying POS Barack Obama - Barry Soetoro the Muslim!
    Using all the fraud he could get by with. Slimmed his way into being President of The United States, kills who every he doesn't like, and Dems & Libs still back him? FaceBook, Google & Apple gave him millions to make sure he could run TV ads every 5 minutes of his campaign. FaceBook & Google offering 24/7 protection from anyone telling the truth about what a dirt bag he really was!

    So Obozo, get your little muslim brotherhood friends to hack the sites DNS servers again!
    The scary thing about the truth - IT ALWAYS GETS OUT!

    Happy As Is will always let anyone speak their mind & will NEVER suppress THE TRUTH about DIRT BAGS like Obama the worlds biggest killer!