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Intel i7 3930k - Thermaltake Overseer RX-I

  • Trying to find the best place to put this :)

    This is for one of are new members & good friend Ken Laymon

    Intel 6 core (12 cores HT) i7 3930k, Corsair H60 water cooling, Asus Sabertooth X79 motherboard, Two EVGA 4 gig 680 GTX's, 1200 watt Ultra power supply, Crucial 256meg SSD hard drive, three 3 tb seagate 6gb/s 7200rpm hard drives, 32 gigs of Corsair Dominator DDR3 memory, one blue ray burner, one dvd burner, Thermaltake Overseer RX-I

    The CPU

    The CPU Cooler

    The Motherboard

    The Video cards

    The PSU

    The SSD Hard Drive

    The Seagate Hard Drives

    The Memory

    The Case

    Great case, nice room in the back for wire management. Could be a little wider :) Lots of room for water cooling :) Easy drive install, DVD / BlueRay install.

    I will post more when the software is installed, Windows 7, Firefox (NO GOOGLE).

    UP-DATE 11-05-2012

    Ok did a few benchmarks on this one, remember Kens system is running stock, with auto overclock :) Intels speedsetting enabled, so 1200mhz, 3500 mhz & 3800 mhz when pushed. I hard Overclocked mine to 3800 mhz :)

    My system

    Thermaltake Level 10 GT,, Asus Rampage III motherboard, Intel i7 X980 extreme cpu (air cooled right now), 12 gigs, Patroit TRI-Channel DDR3-2000 memory, two EVGA 580 GTX's in SLI, two Crucial Real SSD's in Raid-0, 1100 watt teagan power supply.

    Kens single Crucial SSD 256megs M-4 DON'T FAINT LOL 1045.5 megs per second! Keep in mind normal FAST drives run around 150 megs per secound!

    Now my RAID 0 Crucial SSD's should kick that single drives butt! But no only 478.4 megs per secound!

    Next Kens single drive in Atto against my raid 0 him here just barely :) 355 megs per second.

    My Raid 0 Crucial SSD's 564 megs per second .....this is the only bechmark my system beats :(

    Next on to geekbench 2.1 64 bit (keep in mind this is a MAC friendly bench lol) Kens first at 17870

    Then mine at 15016 :(

    Then on to Cinebench 11.5 64 bit kens first.

    Then mine :(

    In conclusion Ken has ONE BAD a$$ SYSTEM!