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Leaving The United States of Obama

  • How China treats business owners in the PRIVATE sector. Not tax them more...TAX THEM LESS WAY LESS! Cheaper Gas $1.28 per 1 liter, houses cheaper, government same as here but no punishment for being a hard worker, you produce you are rewarded, no taking from the hard working and giving to the crack heads :)

    Some of China's taxes LOLOL
    3% - 1 - 1,500 YES EVERYONE PAYS!
    10% - 1,501-4,500 YES TOTAL TAX!
    45% - 80,001 and above :)
    US earn $6,000 pay $2,800 in tax about 47%!
    2012 corporate tax rate for domestic and foreign companies is 25%. (US 75% at $1,000,000)
    Small companies pay 20% corporate tax in certain cases.
    Do ya think China knows who creates more jobs, more spending, keeps the economy moving?

    No links do the research :)
    Then check how much Tax you pay if you invest in China's Stock market :) NOT 60% yearly on your earnings as the king of the US is trying to push into law.

    Remember we are the largest oil producing country in the world. (add opec & off shore :)) The US does not add off shore drilling to it's oil LOL well it's not on US soil but still US oil!
    Now look at some of the other prices out there :)
    In Venezuela, gasoline costs 12 cents a gallon. In Iran, it costs 41 cents. In Saudi Arabia, it costs 47 cents; in Russia, $3.90
    Iran & Saudi go back & fourth for 2nd & 3rd. Add the US off shore oil we are always #1 :)
    #1 oil production US
    #2 oil production Iran
    #3 oil production Saudi Arabia
    #4 oil production Russia

    And all of these countries have cheaper cost of living.
    And there are SO MANY OTHER PLACES....So Yes leaving this mess of a dieing leecher country is not that bad of and idea!

    My list of cheaper everything, less government, you work you KEEP what you earn.

    China the best tax laws :) look at how many EVIL Rich companies have ran to China? Why because they have less freedom, pay more taxes??? LOLOLOLOL

    Panama :)
    Boracay Island :)

    Yep I can't see any reason to leave the US
    :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: