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Gun Control and How WELL it Works?

  • OMG! Say it isn't so! CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY THE LAW???

    Come now, gun control works. Let's take a look at some cities with very STRICT gun control.
    Let's start with NY.  NY, where it's almost impossible to carry a gun legally...wait, unless you're protecting "The King's Children," then ASSAULT RIFLES are FINE . . . well, for him and his family :)
    Violent Crime
    From January to June 2010, all four of the offense types in the violent crime category increased in New York City when compared with data for the same time period in 2009. Robbery increased 3.6 percent, murder was up 12.3 percent, forcible rape increased by 13.9 percent, and aggravated assault increased by 8.8 percent.
    WOW murder UP 12.3% and that was 2010 . . . OK, bad example!

    Lets try a different city with nice STRICT GUN LAWS. New Orleans. WTH? Do these people not know that GUNS are ILLEGAL?
    Dam another ARMED & DANGEROUS
    Dam another ARMED & DANGEROUS
    Dam another ARMED & DANGEROUS caught on tape lol
    Ok, I guess another bad example :(

    There must be a city out there, somewhere, WITH STRICT GUN LAWS and LITTLE or NO CRIME??? I mean, if gun control is the cure-all fix right?

    Let's try one more :)
    Let's try Los Angeles....large mag ILLEGAL, assault rifles ILLEGAL....pretty much most guns are banned in LA. That place must be REALLY SAFE :)
    LOS ANGELES 2011 pop 3,837,207     Violent Crimes 9,957     MURDERS 148 HOLY CRAP! I guess more criminals are just NOT obeying the law!

    Just for fun, let's look at a city where 80%+ of the people have GUNS (those evil doers!)
    Scottsdale AZ
    SCOTTSDALE 2011 pop 220,462 Violent Crimes 175 . . . MURDER 0! . . . What the hell is going on here??? . . . MORE GUNS NO MURDER???

    Ok, let's look at one more city with GUNS. Scottsdale must be a fluke! PHOENIX:  63 murders . . . Oh wait, wrong city. Phoenix has those "PROTECTING US" gun laws.

    Let's try North Carolina . . . those people can have FULL MACHINE GUNS!!! Going to see some huge murder rates there!
    NORTH CAROLINA 2011 pop 136,949 Violent Crimes 50 MURDER 0!!! Ok, this is just crazy! FULLY AUTOMATIC GUNS ARE LEGAL (not in the cities)

    There are safe places in most states. But most big cities have the highest crime, the most murders AND THE MOST GUNS LAWS. :)

    Just saying, Obama and the rest of his crack-head friends are not looking to protect anyone. They just want the control & TOP AND FOREMOST to disarm those that oppose :)

    All numbers taken from I'm guessing they wouldn't lie to make obama look like an even bigger dumb A$$.