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Mabon Celebrations

  • Mabon was on September 22 (in the northern hemisphere) this year. As you will notice it fell on the first official day of Fall/Autumn. Why? Because it is the Autumnal equinox. During the equinox night and day are equally balanced, and after this equinox the days will begin to get shorter.
    Mabon is known as the second harvest and is a time for celebrations and thanksgiving. You are expressing gratitude for the bountiful harvest, but you also mourn the decent of Persephone into the underworld. This is what I did for my Mabon.
    Since it is proper to feast for Mabon I constructed a cookout with my immediate family (me and one of my cousin's were the only wiccans there) we had corn on the cob, potato salad, pork chops, hot-dogs (it's not a proper cook out without hot-dogs), an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. Obviously not all of this was cooked on the grill, only the corn, chops and dogs were grilled, the rest was prepared inside.
    After we finished eating, we then went to my cousin's house and made a small bonfire for our circle. It was the first circle that I cast and I wasn't very elegant about it as I hadn't actually planned on doing a circle. We had written on paper things we wanted to rid ourselves of and gave these things into the fire. The only one that I didn't successfully burn and rid myself of was cigarettes, but that might be because the Lord and Lady know that I am not yet ready to be rid of them yet. We then grounded ourselves with a bottle of blackberry wine beside the small bonfire.
    We made plans to meet up again on the full moon and do some more, our little tiny coven will grow in time but for now we are just happy to be able to experience and grow with another. I will post again after the esbat plans are fully developed, they may not be in-depth but with luck it might help one who is new gain insight and ideas for how to proceed.