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Esbat Meeting for Harvest Moon 2012.

  • It was drizzling all day so we didn't get to have a bonfire that night. We had the meeting at my house since it was an indoors only and I had more inside space of the two of us.

    My cousin made me an awesome looking witch's bag (which I forgot to thank her for). She got us some cactus needles (or are they called spikes/spines?) to use in our witch's jars. I also had my rainwater out for us to use to make blessed water.

    We made witch's jars, and let me explain these so that you can make them yourself. Think of a witch's jar as a kind of magickal security guard. You want him to have a shield to defend himself with, something to bind the attacker with, and something to attack with if necessary. The ingredients can be whatever you have on hand, as long as it serves those three necessities.
    Our witch's jars included 3 cactus needles each (for weapons), and 3 nails each. One for physical protection(needles) and one for spiritual protection (nails, because they don't like steel very much). I also had some twine that we cut up into equal lengths (for the binding). There was enough room for us to tie in three knots, made me think of how Karma works threefold. Finally for my shield I used one of my gems I had that was colored in a way that made it part black and mostly white. It reminded me of how the dark protects and reflects negativity and how white is often used in purification. I'm not sure what my cousin used, except that it was one of her own gems.

    We made full moon blessed water, then drank some blackberry wine and ate some thin plain bagels with pimento cheese. We visited for a bit then parted ways to do our individual tasks. We each had our own different money spell we wanted to cast, and we also had our own set of gems that needed cleansing and charging.

    To cleanse a gem, you can soak it in a salt-water mixture for about 30 minutes (or until you feel it has been cleared of all unwanted energies) or if it's set in jewelry just salt for about 15 minutes (or, again, until you feel it's clear).
    To charge a gem, set it in a window-sill (or outside if you feel secure in doing so) in an area where moonlight will shine on it at some part of the night. Leave it there all night and collect it in the morning or later if you feel secure leaving it in the location you left it for that long.