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Tag 'em And Bag 'em: The microchipping of American Citizens

  • Heh…

    I am a suspicious Nelly. I NOW don’t take anyone’s word for gospel. (With the implication that at one time I did? LOL What can I say? I was young and stoopid . . . )

    I do not like Obama, ( . . . right up there with my ex, LOL) but, and however, I will even defend him (the ex) if someone is accusing him of something he didn’t do (which is not often, because he does outrageously awful My fair mindedness won’t let me do anything less. That said, I believe this story is something to that affect. What got me thinking this is that the video of Obama at the beginning has nothing to do with the measure being discussed of ‘tracking’ EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN BY MARCH 2013 (which would mean we are already breaking the law because it’s July 2013, btw, LOL) The video showed an Obama speech wanting to TAX every rich American CITIZEN and BUSINESS, to make it ‘fair’ effectively telling them, “If you play here, I’m gonna take all your marbles.” Making all the rich people and businesses gather all their marbles and leave. But that’s a different story and my point. A different story! And then the rest of the video talks about these rfid chips with various newscasts and stuff BUT nothing about mandatory utilization.

    We use these rfid microchips on our animals all the time. They are not ‘tracking devices’. If that were the case, there would be NO LOST PETS EVER.

      “Where’s Fido, Billy?”
      “I don’t know, Mommy.”
      “Good grief, he got outta the yard, again. Well, go turn on the tracking device and find him, Billy.”
      Fido is found after a few minutes, in the neighbor’s yard digging through the trash.

    So not the case.

    Hollywood has led to the misconception that a GPS can be implanted under the skin or attached to some article like a little sticker or button. While in real life, the positioning system itself could be made that small, the problem is the battery source or power supply that does the broadcasting. Somehow, tagging the guy you’re suppose to be tracking all super spy-like, a device the size of a credit card, with the heft of a D size battery case (gps + power source) loses the whole ‘super-secret’ aspect. And trying to implant that under the skin? OUCH! You’d notice that!

    We are not in the Matrix yet, either, (I hope, lol). Little nuclear powered, A.I. GPS spyware ‘bugs’ that go dormant when removed? A thousand years from that.

    If in the sense, ‘tracking device’ is used as a way to carry information around digitally, then, yes, these are tracking devices. But they are not ‘linked’ to your bank accounts. (LOL Unless the number assigned to them is your ACTUAL BANK ACCT NUMBER. LOL)

    The rfid signal is a number. You then have to go look up THAT number, like an acct number, at a particular and specific website, with all pervading encryption and security and find out the info attached to that number assigned to that microchip. The only thing seen about that info is what is put into that website. The microchip READER is a handheld device that in no way links to the internet. They may in the future have that. Right now? I haven’t seen it. It just has a small screen on it with a number readout.

    A couple of hinky things about the situation, though:

      1.)the microchips migrate and is rendered unreadable. :O (‘course, I am putting them in HUMONGOUS horses so there is a lot of body mass to migrate around in.)

      2.)the microchip readers are incredibly temperamental. (the stars have to align, and the butterfly has to flit just right in a South American rain forest for the stoopid thing to ‘catch’ the signal from the chip.) We already know the government has access to any of our records it wants. (Just ask Verizon! LOL) So it would be kinda stoopid to think this is any sort of step up on that front. But what sort of info would a criminal be able to scoop outta the air in a crowd? Unfortunately, (fortunately?) the microchip readers must be in pretty close proximity, sometimes pressing pretty firmly against the skin, to read the chip, and if some random hinky guy was pressing some random hinky looking doohickey FIRMLY AGAINST MY SKIN, I’d be knocking his patincus out! So, the other thing, if the criminal had a really really really good microchip reader that could read my microchip from a distance, what info would he get? Could he get into my bank accounts and steal all my money??? Remember the whole thing about this chip only ‘broadcasting’ a number? That is then linked to an acct? That you then have to go to ANOTHER website to get the information from? Yeah, that.

      3.)the criminal could hack the website that links your rfid chip number with your info. This I believe is the weak link. Remember the government has access to all your info anyways. Your bank accts, your medical, your favorite color… You give them all this info during tax time when you file. Maybe not your favorite color… until they can somehow ‘tax’ it, they don’t care, as of yet.  Anyways, why would the government link the microchip to that stuff then, if they already have access to it? And trust me, if they want your bank acct., they would just seize the assets, and fight it out in court later. Ask any divorced father with child support issues. The government takes their bank accounts all the time. The government doesn’t need a ‘chip’ to do that. The criminal on the other hand, could take that info and use it somehow. This would be why I don’t think there is a logical reason to attach your bank acct. to your microchip number.

    So, one of the real live uses of this technology is identification of random lost pets at the pound. Many many many of the animals at the pound are not chipped. Which leads me to:

      4.)If you end up at the hospital, terrible car accident, without your purse or wallet, and the doctors are working hard to save your life, are they going to think, “Hey! Maybe this guy has been chipped?” and breakout the microchip reader on the off chance they can ‘press firmly’ against your skin somewhere and get a reading? I guess if the chipping was mandatory like the video implies, then the doctors would automatically do that. But, from all the info I can gather, it is not going to be mandatory. And the problem with ‘not mandatory’ is that if you actually do get a chip for medical reasons, and it hasn’t ‘migrated’ by accident, as in 1. above, there is no standardized area to chip a person. In the vid, I saw the hand and upper arm as areas for chipping. But we have two hands and two arms. Two legs, the whole trunk of the body, and if we are alien abduction victims, the base of the skull, up the nose, or through the eyes. (We are not going to talk about nether regions, though. LOL)

      But say you were chipped, and in a standardized location, and the doctor found it, and he had a computer there with internet access, he could THEN go look up your medical info and see if you have an allergy to the medication he is giving you. In the meantime, you died on the table because he held off working on you until the website finished loading. Oiy…

    Finally, a real reason for chipping:

      5.)If there is a murder victim (human) who has been chipped, we would know immediately who he/she is . . . if they had no other identification on them . . . or fingerprints . . . or teeth . . . or dna . . . Uh, yeah, that one . . . =D>

    To tie this all up from the video above, Obama did not say he was going to microchip every American citizen like small animal pets of the government. I’m all about the arguing a subject to get the information out there, but it has to be logical. And factual. Don’t say Obama is doing this if in truth, the ‘proof’ is a video about another subject, the legislation has not been written, and the technology is not even there to implement it. But, even if there is a sound, logical reason to microchip the US citizens, the real reason it’s not likely to happen is because there are too many old redneck white boys saying, “Over my dead body!” Even Obama has to be wary of them . . . LOL

    Fight disinformation with facts and rational argument. Not fear mongering and conspiracy theories.

    BTW: I like how Office Word 2007 thinks ‘Obama’ is spelled wrong… LOL

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