• Don Mays VIP What did you do to my computer last night that won't let me in to my Bank of America account. How am I supposed to pay for your birthday and Christmas presents if I can't get in to my Scrooge McDuck money bin???!!! I still have the same issues with your Hitlery Clinton Russky program you put on my computer! Growl!!!
    Dec 4

  • Marilyn Holt VIP Gary, My printer disconnected from my computer.  I tried to reinstall and select as designated printer it says was successful, but doesn't show on the control panel as a printer.  Can  you help, it is HP Laser Jet P1102W, you helped hook me up last time it "dropped off the face of the earth" i was hoping you could help this time..................Thanks Gary,   I like the new site.....
    Nov 12

  • Bobbi Ann DePierro VIP laptop is on now
    Oct 3

  • Cindy Gustafson I was able to reset my password! Yeah!
    Nov 5

  • Terrilyn Meseck VIP Hi Gary, Please review/respond to the emails I have sent you! Thank You
    Sep 11