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  • John Woodruff VIP Hi….A TRUE STORY...a few weeks ago it appeared I somehow contracted a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)..It started off innocently enough...when I urinated I noticed just the slightest bit of discomfort. Thought nothing of it...I was sure it would go away...it didn’t….As each new day passed the pain got worse until it felt like a razor blade stream. I knew then I had to do something...the pain was nearly unbearable...I went on the internet to check out alternative UTI cures. There was a lot of them...I tried them all, one at a time as instructed. Nothing worked to completely eradicate the pain ….all of them helped a little….but none of the traditional alternative remedies worked well enough to completely rid me of the pain from the proliferation of the E-Coli in my urinary tract…I bit the bullet and ordered UTI antibiotics….tried them for 7 days as recommended...helped a little..but same problem as before...the pain was considerably less while urinating, but not gone, and I was very sick from taking the antibiotics. I could not stay awake for long and my stomach was upset, my body ached , I had a fever and generally felt terrible...not fun…. I had to find something else. I went searching back on the internet for something else that might give me some relief. At that very moment a friend from New York called to chat and exchange ideas as we do on occasion. AND... as we chatted he mentioned that while looking for help with his mother’s discomforts/ailments he had run across a remarkable doctor who appeared to be curing lots of people with diseases that traditional medicine practitioners had given up on….sounded interesting. He mentioned her name, Dr. Jennifer Daniels. I knew her name. I had downloaded her story from youtube years before. Dr. Daniels had been forced out of her New York practice and was currently working from Panama. Dr. Daniels recommended small dosages of 100% Pure Pine Spirits of Turpentine to “cure” many seemingly uncurable diseases. I watched my old video of Dr. Daniels….I was encouraged...I continued studying all I could find on the sagacity of turpentine cures on the internet for about 55 hours of intense study...amazing stuff...and quite a bit of info….I downloaded over 30 videos from youtube on the subject….I found that the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans all used turpentine to “cure” diseases. The Chinese, the American Indians and the African/American plantation slaves all used pine tree products (distilled sap-turpentine, pine nuts, pine pollen and bark of the pine tree) as cures for disease and to insure and optimize maximum health. (The 1899 Merck Manual shows the diseases that are cured by Turpentine...and it is a massive amount-check it out – it can be downloaded free from the internet) I ordered 16 ounces of 100% Pure Pine Spirits of Turpentine from Georgia ($37.00 which included shipping) and I bought a box of white sugar cubes from Vons Supermarket ($5.00). I took out 1 sugar cube and dropped 20 drops of turpentine on the cube. I put the soaked cube in my mouth and chewed while I sipped the water from a quart bottle till I had eaten/swallowed the sugar cube. I drank the quart of water. 12 hours later the pain was gone, all gone, and I was feeling remarkably better. I continue to take Turpentine on sugar cubes every day….14 days so far...I have increased the turpentine dose to 80 drops on 3 cubes in the morning on an empty stomach. (80 drops of Turpentine is approximately 1 tsp.) I also take a tbsp of castor oil at the same time with water to stay regular. An hour or so later I add a heaping tablespoon of SCHULZE’S SUPERFOOD PLUS to a glass of water and drink it down….Dr. Jennifer Daniels sells VITALTY CAPSULES that I also think can be very beneficial. It is my opinion that she is an amazing ladt and deserves our support. It appears to me that she is the one who brought Turpentine as healer and curer back to its rightful prominence. I make no claims here….but in my many hours of research I found over 30 videos on the subject that seem very revealing...I downloaded them… Some of the benefits of Turpentine Therapy according to the internet are as follows: Turpentine is: Anti-viral Anti-bacterial Anti-fungal Anti-microbial Anti-parasitic Anti-tumor Anti-yeast (I had my tongue turn white on the 4th day and completely clear by the 12th day) Anti-mutation Anti-inflammatory Anti-pathgenic Anti-ezxcema Anti-psoriasis It removes stones from whereever they are being produced in the body-kidney, liver, other it is a natural blood thinner it keeps blood platelets from sticking increases blood flow to the extremities(which helps eliminate neuropathy) feeds mitocondria disolves plaque in arteries (lowers blood pressure) works with the body has alpha-lipoic acid restores adrenal functioning decalcifies Pineal Gland (there is a youtube where a fellow says his pineal gland was decalcified in 42 days of 1 tsp of Turpentine per day) high in Vitamin C and Chloraphyl boosts immune system helps with neurotransmitters penetrates the blood/brain barrier so cleanses the brain and effects hair, nails and skin as well according to claims on the internet Turpentine and Pine tree products such as bark, pine nuts, pine sap, and pine pollen prevents, restores to function or cures the following: macular degeneration glaucoma cataracts shingles herniated disc pain anywhere in the body chronic inflammation candida cancer diabetes leaky gut arthritis hemorhoids there may be more …still lots of fun and informative research to be done. do your personal research and always be responsible for your health protocol whatever you decide it should and will be. I repeat I make no claims about any of this except what I personally experienced. 100% pure pine spirits of Turpentine: Diamond G Forest Products| Patterson, GA 31557
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