• lety bautista VIP I can't work, Gary please help me
    Jan 30

  • Robert Brumley First day in awhile I've felt good enough to get on the computer. Problem is the internet went out over night. I called CenturyLink and I have credit and owe no bill. Had to search on my phone to find the repair unit as unplugging the modem and restart did not do any good. Internet light keep flashing. They told me even when my modem was unplugged they show it's working just fine. They are going to come out tomorrow and fix the problem. Supposedly they think it's an outside line. I left the mosem unplugged all day and decided to plug it back again and guess what? It's working just fine.
    Feb 8

  • Jonelle Rissi VIP Nevermind Gary! I found the link, and I bought the camera! Thank you for posting it! Now, will you install it for me? Pretty please? With cake on top? (I will pay real money, of course! Lol...Can't wait to have my very own horse cam!
    Jun 7

  • michael ralph alvelais VIP Gary,, Happy Green Irish day.. How do I message you? Nothing looks familiar now.. Can you call me?
    Mar 17