• DOLORES VIP ok. Gary but you are not answering my question. I hope the heat is not affecting your thinking!! (just kidding..) Can the electritian unplug those transformers without disconnecting the internet or the telephone lines? Thank you!!
    Thu at 9:10 AM

  • H.J.Delight VIP I would like to apologize to everyone in advance for not hitting "like" on your posts all the time. I do "like" them, just forgetful and lazy. This apology also applies to all future transgressions.
    May 15, 2017

  • Raymond Roy To all my peeps.. just had rotator cuff surgery last week and I've been recovering, so I haven't been online.. It's still hard to type.. guess I'll need another week to heal...
    May 12

  • lety bautista VIP I can't work, Gary please help me
    Jan 30

  • JimM LOL just for you Bro.
    Mar 6

  • michael ralph alvelais VIP Gary,, Happy Green Irish day.. How do I message you? Nothing looks familiar now.. Can you call me?
    Mar 17