• michael ralph alvelais VIP Gary,, Happy Green Irish day.. How do I message you? Nothing looks familiar now.. Can you call me?
    Mar 17

  • dennis d campbell VIP I know I missed my day but I have been going to my downloads and trying to get pictures anddocuments but All I get is script.. advice?
    Fri at 1:52 PM

  • beast-usa I have a few updates to do to Happy tonight :( hopefully Happy won't be offline for very long. Right now fixing all the new back-door, tracking, spyware in the newest release of Winblows-10-Spyware OS. I understand google and facecrap got super rich selling all the morons personal information. But does microsoft really need to money that bad? Maybe a name change? Micro-sucks-all-your-personal-info-to-sell It would still be MS? LOL I blame all the moron using google and facecrap! That's why we have SO MUCH spyware out there once everyone saw that people were so clueless and just don't care about their PRIVACY! Every malware, spyware, hacker jumped on the bandwagon! I just want to say thanks to all the MORONS using those sites for helping put EVERYONE AT RISK! (BOOT TO THE HEAD FOR ALL OF YOU!) Wait was that another mean post?
    Fri at 10:57 AM

  • Don Mays VIP Hi, Gary: Sunday would be a better time for you to pass by, because I will have a nurse to wrap my leg between 11:30 to 12, then I have to meet up with my co-owner of my property at 2pm. Sunday, I should be home all day and evening. Thanks.
    Sat at 9:18 AM

  • Raymond Roy To all my peeps.. just had rotator cuff surgery last week and I've been recovering, so I haven't been online.. It's still hard to type.. guess I'll need another week to heal...
    May 12

  • Skooter Lee VIP As always, thank you, Gary!!
    Mar 23