• DOLORES VIP Ref. the scanner in CM, we tried turning off the scanner, and turning off the computer and making sure that there was no paper in the scanner and then we turned the scanner on and the comp. on and: Same problem, the scanner only takes one page at a time. Please advise. Thank you, Lola
    9 hours ago

  • beast-usa Upgraded Happy again and few more to go let me know if anything is broken. :)
    Thu at 10:33 AM

  • CC1776 VIP Wait so we only have to pay beast with diet cokes!!!!
    Apr 30

  • spinny VIP hallo Gary i tried up to ten times to correctly type and paste all in this superterminator window lolol but it never worked and opend the dvd styler til today -and now i cant find the forum page again to give it more tries next days lololol-we made copies on a few sticks meanwhile and Su takes it to k-town to her officer specialist in the bureau may be he can do quick a few copies lolol til i will be successfull
    Feb 14

  • Nina C. Miller VIP AS I STEPPED OUT OF THE SHOWER I HEARD SOMEBODY IN THE KITCHEN DOWNSTAIRS. Knowing that my wife was out, I grabbed my rifle and crept downstairs forgetting that I was in my birthday suit. I came around the corner with my gun raised to find my wife loading the dishwasher. 'What are you doing?' my wife asked. 'I thought I heard an intruder and came down to scare him.' Scanning my naked body she said, 'YOU DIDN'T NEED THE GUN!'
    Jan 13

  • H.J.Delight VIP I would like to apologize to everyone in advance for not hitting "like" on your posts all the time. I do "like" them, just forgetful and lazy. This apology also applies to all future transgressions.
    May 15, 2017