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  • I'm still looking for my ripe lemons lol I think the tree needs more water!
  • Okay thanks. When would be okay with you?
  • Hi Nina,
    Gary wrote he has lemon trees but doesn't eat lemons and I wrote that I do. I would like to get a bunch before they go to waste. Would that be agreeable with you?
  • Who is Nina?
  • Hi Gary,
    If you don't want the lemons I would. Hate to see them go to waste. Would it be okay with you if I come a pick a bunch for me?
  • John Walkowiak VIP
    No, the money is not owed for cause. First, there is NO MONEY. Second, there is NO authority for National Banks, No authority for an FDIC, and on and on. Questions?
  • No, no tractor Gary. The chief law enforcement officer of each county in the United States is the Sheriff. He is the only elected official and has been since the beginning of the State of California. He has more power than the Feds, can ignore the...  more
    • John Walkowiak VIP
      beast-usa If you stop foreclosures the money is still owed, still costing someone, who pays the bill? It doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Someone will end up paying and most likely it will be the tax payers. I know Sheriff's have the most power I think...  more
      • Jun 21
  • Never ever call the police or highway patrol for anything. They have no jurisdiction.
  • John Walkowiak VIP
    No one is supposed to ever call the police or highway patrol for anything.
  • beast-usa
    John you can't give up so quickly. When things crash and you lose info you just need to start over and find the easiest way to do it. Don't let the system get dragged down so low, make a copy of the original "original-do-not-change.save" If you...  more
  • Hi Robert
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