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The Geek's Corner - Linux, Mac, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Help. » Discussions » Mobile, Cell, Hand Phones - #1 For The Internet?

  • Posted May 21, 2013
    Having a HTML5 ready/compatible phone, will let you play games, watch videos and much more.
    Increasing the speed of HTML5 based websites. Will save you tons of time and money on your
    mobile/hand phone. Less time loading websites, someone sends you a link, you can open it
    and not need to drive to a computer to read, watch or play.
    100% better internet experience over all.

    Yes BlackBerry is #1!

    Androids & Windows phones can add the firefox browser and get a pretty good score.
    Still not as good as Blackberry :)

    Safari iphone well :D :D :D sorry can't believe they are still being sold?

    These are the newest released or soon to be released versions.
    So when web sites don't work CHECK YOUR PHONE :)
  • Posted September 8, 2013
    That's rather outdated. Just ran it on my Android 4.2.2 handset (not even the most up to date version) and got 429 of the 500 pts
  • Posted September 8, 2013
    I have redone it a few time, even one version of the OS makes huge jumps, depending on browser makes a big difference.

    lol I just posted on Twitter last night, if your phone still scores under 400 DUMP IT :)

    The 297 was an Android 4.0, standard google chrome browser. But you notice #6, that is a newer google chrome browser, also upgraded on newer Android OS's. That's closer to your phone.

    The Tizen 2 still hasn't been released.

    My Blackberry was OS 7.0 got 212, updated OS 7.1 which I have know gets 377 (no flash)
    But OS 10.0 gets 485 :) I believe they are about to release or have released OS 10.1 :)
    The perfect 500.
  • Posted September 8, 2013
    Still haven't ran across anything yet though that runs on html5 that I'm aware of, so I'm not sure of the value of such scores?
  • Posted September 8, 2013
    You're on Happy. It runs on HTML5 :)

    Maxthon & Comodo Dragon browsers are the best across the board.
    I know you can install Maxthon on ipads and make them almost usable. lol
    Then the apple laptop, desktops or ipads will score around 400.
    On windows, those browsers score just under 500.

    Safari :( scores 278 on windows. Lower on Mac.
    But I think the new safari 6.0 will score just under 400 it says :(
    Which is still too low. Anything under a 400 score will be pretty much unusable
    as far as web browsing, videos, music. Tech never slows down or goes backwards :)

    Happy, beast-usa.com & nofearcomputers.com are all HTML5 sites.
    I'm just not using all of the really cool stuff HTML5 can do. :(
    Too many people still using IE! Worked on some computers last week,
    they were using IE 8!!! HTML5 score of 42!

    I play with the cool stuff on the beast-usa site, but I can only see it in
    Maxthon & Comodo :( And now I can see a few more things in FireFox.
    The last release of FF v23.1, they jumped way up the HTML5 ladder.
    From 333 to 414 :) But FF is still very slow :(

    I did get to test a Z10 tablet Blackberry OS 10, stock browser.
    It got 445, The phones get higher for some reason.

    Z10 phone OS 10 got 477

    iphone 5 LOL not even going to post it!

    Just go in to pay your bill, then test all the phones :)

    The numbers above I got from the HTML5 Test site.
  • Posted April 2, 2014
    Updated first post with newest released versions all but Iphone not sure if iOS7 is out yet?
    No matter still in last place as far as working with the internet. :)