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  • Posted July 8, 2012

    Windows 7 - Help

    Here are some tips for Windows 7, most of these will also work with Windows Vista.

    Windows 7 Basics
    Desktop and Programs If you would like to change these settings.
    Right Click desktop – Left Click Personalize:
    Left Panel Control Panel Change desktop icons (Add or Remove desktop Icons)
    Change mouse pointers
    Change your account picture
    Right panel Windows Color and Appearance
    Desktop Background, Screen Saver, Sounds and Windows 7 Themes

    Turn Off Programs Running on Start-Up
    Go to the start button, then to run, type msconfig in the run box think enter.
    A new window will pop up, "System Configuration" Click the tab that says Sartup.
    Un-check everything you don't need starting on the computer start up.

    You should leave anything with your anti-virus name in it checked. Anything you turn off here will still work, when you start that program.
    99% of the things under start-up you DON'T need to start when the computer starts.

    Examples of things you can un-check:
    facebook updates (spyware)
    apple update
    google update (spyware)
    adobe update
    "your" printer updates
    ANY EXE file that says under Manufacturer UNKNOWN, unless you see and know the product. (new open office says unknown)

    Download for Windows 7, New Themes:

    Display Setting
    Change font size
    Right Click on the desktop, Left Click Screen resolution
    Left Click Make text and other items larger or smaller
    Set a custom text size on the left, or just choose one of the per set sizes.

    Advanced Settings
    Right Click on the desktop NVidia Cards, Left click on NVidia Control Panel.
    Ati Cards, Left click on Catalyst Control Panel

    Windows Gadgets (Side Bar)
    To add gadgets right click desktop, left click Gadgets, Choose the gadget you want double click,then drag the gadget to your desired location. Most gadgets have options, right side of the gadget choose options.

    Start Menu (bottom left blue button)
    Most recently used shown on open. Right Panel has buttons that are short cuts to different folders.
    Click or hold your mouse over “All Programs” Click on the folder to open it, and then click the program you wish to start. Click and hold the left mouse button down to drag any icon to the Rocket Dock or Stardock if you are using one.

    USB Hard Drives, Memory Sticks:
    When you plug in an external USB hard drive or a memory stick it may not have a drive letter.
    And it does not show up in your windows file explorer or a window does not pop up asking you to browse the drive or memory stick.
    Go to your Start Button, pinned to the Start Menu you will see a command called Computer Management, left click on Computer Management.

    If it you do not see Computer Management type compmgmt.msc in your search after you click the start button. Then you will see One Program (compmgmt.msc) at the top Left Click it.

    On the left side under Storage you will see Disk Management left click on Disk Management.
    Look at the right panel for a disk without a drive letter.
    Right click on that disk, and left click on change drive letter and paths.
    You will then see an empty window left click the add button (choose a drive letter if you want) then click OK.
    Then a window should pop up asking you if you would like to view the folders. It should now also be available in your Windows File Explorer.

    Desktop - Laptop Computers Built or Serviced by No Fear Computers
    Hard Drive Setup: Your default OS (operating system) drive will be C:\win7x64, C:\Win7x86, C:\Vistax64, C:\Vistax86 if installing windows.
    Your default document drive will be D:\Documents. If you are having a gaming system built you will have a partition or drive named E:\Games. If you have requested a single hard drive system it will be two or three primary partitions. No Fear Computers always suggests two hard drives, one for the OS and one for software apps the other hard drive for personal documents, games and back-up. Most laptops will only have one hard drive.

    Add-on Software:
    In your “Documents” folder, you will see a folder named “Software”. In this folder you will see the software installed on your computer by No Fear Computers. Anti-virus, anti-spyware, paragon hard drive back-up, disk-defrag, stardock, registry tweaks to remove Favorites, Home Group, Libraries icons from your Windows File Explorer, installed by No Fear Computers

    On delivery there will be a folder called HD-Image, either on D:\Documents or *:\Back-up partition or back-up drive. That folder contains an image back-up of your OS - C:\ on delivery. So in the event you download something bad, add to many toolbars and it's just not repairable. You can use the “Paragon Boot Disk” and restore your C:\ drive (OS) without changing or losing any of your personal files, pictures, music etc.

    Unlike most recovery software installed by other companies that will wipe the whole system by deleting everything including all your personal files.

    Menu \ All Programs:
    (To move any item into a folder or file to Rocket Dock or Stardock, hold down the left mouse button and drag & drop.)
    Accessories = Windows default programs.
    Adobe = adobe reader, adobe bridge, adobe acrobat, adobe drive (if installed)
    Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware = AVG, SuperAntiSpyware free editions. (if installed)
    Burning = Windows movie maker, Nero, NTI, any CD-DVD writing/burning software. (if installed)
    Dos = Dos command prompt.
    Entertainment = Media center & player, VideoLan (VLC), itunes, DVD play back software. (if installed)
    Games = Windows default games, games you have requested to be installed. Graphics = MS paint, ulead photo impact, adobe CS4, paint shop pro. (if installed)
    Internet = Mozilla firefox, IE8 or IE9 or IE10, Web cam, IM’s. (if installed)
    Office Programs = Calculator, ms works, ms office, open office, notepad, wordpad, windows fax and scan, windows speech recognition, XPS viewer. (if installed)
    Startup = Empty
    Tools = Default programs, desktop gadget gallery, disk clean-up, system restore, window update, 7-zip, administrative tools, auslogics disk defrag, maintenance, paragon partition software, rocket dock, stardock. If setting up a Acer, Dell, Gateway, HP, Toshiba…any tools from their company.

    Rocket Dock - Items (top of your screen)
    To see the items name just move your mouse over the icon. To change the way your Rocket Dock looks look for and open “Dock Setting”. To make changes to an icon right click, then left Icon Settings.

    Stardock - Items (top of your screen if added)
    Click the tab for the items you want to see, To make changes on how star dock looks or opens look under “Tools” “Configure ObjectDock” To add new icons to the star dock, Just drag and drop any icon,
    shortcut to the star dock. (if your stardock gets turned off, go to your start menu under tools, StarDock, ObjectDock. Left click ObjectDock Plus.

    Firefox and IE8,IE9,IE10 use “Tabbed Browsing.” Right click on the link, left click Open in New Tab to read multiple links from the same page, and not have to keep hitting the back button. Firefox is set as your default browser; Speed Dial is set as your home page, if you want to add sites to your speed dial. Left click the little black on the second purple box with a green +sign on it, move your mouse over Tab 1, Tab 2 or Tab 3 and left click any number on the right. Dogpile, Duckduckgo, Bing or Yahoo have been set as your default search engine. Dogpile searches inside every search engine. So it’s like having all the search engines rolled into one. The difference is, if you don’t find it on Dogpile, it’s something you don’t need to find. No Fear Computers has added default folders and links to your internet browser/s.
    Bus=(business), Paypal, Facebook, NetFlix, NFC=(No Fear Computers), TV.com, Merriam Webster, TRP=(The Raptor Pit), Pravda(English), Dogpile, Speakeasy, You Tube, Snopes, Translator, E-Stores,
    PC=(converters, internet speed tests, software, drivers, games), SE(search), Forums, TV Online, MS(Microsoft links), Dow Jones, (Snopes = urban legends) (Pravda = the real news around the world)


    DO NOT ADD ANY TOOLBARS SUCH AS ‘Google,’ ‘Yahoo,’ ‘ASK,’ ‘MSN’, ‘AVG’, ‘MySearch,’ etc,.Most tool bars have PERMISSION to write to your system and download more malware & viruses.

    Windows 7 Tweaks
    Remember when working with the registry TO ALWAYS BACK-UP WHAT YOU ARE CHANGING.
    Turn on hidden Administrator acct.
    Go to Start, All programs, Accessories, then right click command prompt and then left click Run as Administrator. Once the command prompt opens type this command and press enter. net user administrator /active:yes That command will enable the hidden Administrator account. Log off and log back into the new account, or just restart the computer. This command will disable the hidden Administrator account. net user administrator /active:no

    How to remove the annoying Favorites, Homegroup and Libraries icons:
    Open regedit.exe from the Start bar\Run and navigate to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace\ In the NameSpace folder, there will be a folder (key) with the name {B4FB3F98-C1EA-428d-A78A-D1F5659CBA93} . The value of the default item should be "Other users". This is the registry entry for Homegroup icon. Delete the folder from the registry. In the NameSpace folder, there will be a folder (key) with the name {031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5} The value of the default item should be "Libraries". This is the registry entry This is the Libraries icon. Delete the folder from the registry.

    Remove "Favorites" folder in tree-view of Windows Explorer:
    1. Open regedit and go to
    2. Right click and go to "Permissions" and allow your user/userclass full control of the folder. (if you're unsure about how to do this, see this article: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/0...ows-7-explorer)
    3. In "ShellFolder" go to 'Attributes' and change the value from 0xa0900100 to a9400100 or a4001000.
    4. Leave regedit.
    5. Reboot your machine. If everything is done correctly "Favorites" should now be disabled completely when your system is rebooted.

    How to Re-enable Quick Launch in Windows 7
    Click run....Type Edit Group Policy in Search Bar hit enter.(%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch) Left Side Under User Configuration
    Click the Arrow-triangle next to Administrative Templates. Click on Start Menu and Taskbar. On the right side scroll down and find "Show QuickLaunch on Taskbar, Double Click it and check Enable. Now right click on the taskbar go to toolbars then Click Add New Toolbar. In the address bar right click and click Edit Address. Then type or copy & paste this in the address. C:\Users\(YOUR USER NAME)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer. Select Quick Launch. Your Quick Launch is back. (unlock taskbar drag it to the right if you want it back on the right side) To just show only icons, right click quick launch, un-check Show Text, un-check Show Title. Drag to quick launch to add programs. No more right click and add to Quick Launch. (Like Vista)

    Disable and Turn Off Windows 7 Snap Smart Window Arrangement:
    1. Run Register Editor (RegEdit).
    2. Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
    3. In the right-pane, double click (or right click and select Modify) on WindowArrangementActive, and set its REG_SZ value to 0.

    Reset Red X on your network icon when the network is working:
    Open CMD type netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt Restart. Enable Windows Media Sharing if it is disabled

    Network to slow:
    Open the Dos Command Prompt (type cmd in the run box hit enter) Type and hit enter. Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled Type and hit enter to make sure it's disabled. Netsh interface tcp show global.

    Clear DNS Cache:
    You can remove any DNS cache from computer, so next time DNS request will be solved by updated DNS server. This will avoid your computer to try broken or changed DNS records from cache. To clear DNS cache, open command prompt as administrator and type ipconfig /flushdns.

    Change Cache Settings in Windows 7:
    Type in the following command in a dos window to increase the cache setting: fsutil behavior set memoryusage 2 To check the current value, type in this command: fsutil behavior query memoryusage To change the setting back to the default, use this command: fsutil behavior set memoryusage 1
  • Posted July 17, 2013
    Added how to Turn off start up programs.
  • Posted September 8, 2013
    Interesting how you setup your Win7 machines.

    Also surprised you have ANYTHING to do with putting Gadgets up. Even MS quit support for them as they have no control over the security of the gadgets being installed.
  • Posted September 8, 2013
    I still like three of the gadgets
    #1 Aida64 to monitor everything on the system.
    #2 Dark Calender
    #3 Alarm Clock
    I still use them in Windows 8 Pro

    I think it's more that Microsoft didn't have 100% control of the gadgets
    and a few asked for money.

    I use http://netlimiter.com to monitor everything on my computer
    coming and going from the internet. Microsoft has tons of stuff phoning home.

    Your ISP, well Cox, TimeWarner, Verizon are always hacking your machine.
    So I block them all :) Then call them and tell them to stop trying to spy
    on my stuff! They always say "We would never do that!" Then I give them
    the IP addresses, then all those IP addresses just stop lol

    But the only gadgets I have ever seen trying to access the internet:
    Any of those provided by Microsoft (Microsoft says they're looking for updates)
    Weather or Traffic
    Search or Live stock updates.
    And I don't use any of them.

    And now you know why I have installed Windows 8 5 times lol
    Trying to make it run my way, not theirs.

    Most irritating things about Windows & Apple.
    The stupid file names!

    Windows My Documents, My Music, My WHATEVER!
    Apple Idoc's, itunes, ivideo, I WHATEVER!

    Look at your files, all nice and alphabetic until I or M then start over! GRRRR
    I was so happy to see Vista get rid of that dam annoying My crap!
    Then it's back in Windows 7 & 8! Of course I rename all mine!
    Put them all in one folder, on a different drive. :) So if the OS gets jacked,
    I just wipe it no loss of any personal data. :)

    But Windows 7 & 8 have new annoying things, at least you can shut one of them
    off in Windows 8. Favorites, Homegroup & Libraries! I don't need or want them!

    Windows 7 no problem, delete their registry keys they're gone, avoid two updates
    they stay gone!

    Windows 8 grrrr you can just turn off Favorites, change one number in the Homegroup
    key it's gone! But Libraries is still a huge pain in the butt! Delete that key and
    you lose a few other things that you can tweak. Lock Screen, User Avatar, if you
    want to change those you need to write the key back in. :(

    I don't need nor want the foo foo junk, function & speed is what I like :)
  • Posted December 20, 2013
    Works in Windows 7, 8 or 8.1
    How to get the pictures out of installed background themes.

    1. double click and install the theme.

    2. Change your folder view settings
    "View Hidden,files, folders and drives - View protected operating system files"

    3. go to this location
    C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\THEME NAME\DesktopBackground

    Then just copy & paste any pictures you want from there.