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Hollywood Pedophile Ring Is Going Down

Posted by beast-usa (Admin)
Famous boxer David Rodriguez drops some info Excuse the language
Posted April 18, 2020 - Filed in News & Politics
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  • Designer Anne (Admin)
    WOW! This goes right along with the video I just posted! More people are waking up!
    • Dilee VIP, beast-usa (Admin), and spinny VIP reacted on this.
    • Designer Anne (Admin)
      Designer Anne (Admin) I didn't even realize he was going to talk about Out of the Shadows, the video I posted! I'm not sure his "exciting to be alive" mentality is accurate, about curing diseases and such! Big Pharma will NEVER let that happen! I'm more on the "Jesus is...  more
      • April 18, 2020
    • Designer Anne (Admin)
      beast-usa (Admin) Some of us were never sleeping. Hence the reason the world thinks we are STRANGE. LOL
    • Designer Anne (Admin)
      Designer Anne (Admin) Never sleeping...that's why I call you my ANDREW!! But "never sleeping", I think you and I both do that!
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