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Anne's Vacation :)

  • Lets start with where is the only place Anne would stay?

    Flying in - guess who is flying? :)

    Who went with Anne on her vacation? Well people just kept showing up
    the more fun it looked like she was having. The more people found
    her and joined!


    So why only Maria & Spinny? Yep my question too!

    They are really a adventurous bunch of girls!


    The joy, the excitement, the MUSIC!

    She is wearing implanted ear phones piping music right to her brain.
    After all she is a gadget girl :)

    Those wild girls and Rio magnetic personality?

    Patricia makes it to the vacation. :)

    I always knew Anne really wants to SCUBA!

    These are very rare and very hard to get!

    Ok this looks like Maria is about to bring the SONIC BOOM :)


    Look how happy they all are before the water slide :)

    :D Pretty sure that water slide was Spinny's idea :)

    Anne can never stop trying to make things glow :)

    Of course everyone does this on vacation! lol

    Wow so much fun, tree climbing, beach, shopping, wave riding, sailing...


    Hope she feels better :(

    I see Maria is feeling much better! Nice hat Maria :)

    So shinny :)

    I don't know about the rest of you but I knew Patricia would share :)

    Anne really does love butterflies :)

    Spinny is right at home :)

    I'm pretty sure Rio will share those with the group :)

    Friday - the last day

    Spinny decides to get busy on her spaceship, before the vacation ends.

    Rosa & Patricia lend Spinny a hand getting the spaceship finished!

    Spinny gave them a sneak preview, they look a little worried :)

    They always support their friends with wishes and many blessings.

    Well I guess Spinny is the master builder!

    Paul & beast always willing to help :)