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AMD 32 core vs INTEL 18 core LOL

  • AMD 32 core 64 threads (64 CPU's) CPU is faster then the 18 core 36 threads (36 CPU's) INTEL CPU. LOL Well how can that be 64 CPU's are faster then 36 CPU's? LOL I really wish people would read!

    And why doesn't INTEL or AMD every put a 10 vs 10, 12 vs 12, 16 vs 16....
    It's always a 16 core AMD vs a 8 core Intel, 16 intel vs 14 AMD and so on. I want to see 10 vs 10, 12 vs 12 not the newest ryzen vs the cheapest 6th gen intel!

    First lets look at the basic's I would really hope that 64 CPU's were faster then 36. But which benchmark and how much faster?
    Cinebench 15 is rating the 7980XE with a very low score like Cinebench always does.
    It gives the AMD 2990WX 5000 and the 7980XE 3300. So even at those numbers not that great 77% more CPU's and only 53% faster? On single core you know core to core LOL (AMD always saying well core to core) the 7980XE kills it. Then if you look at real scores most 7980XE's get the gap is very little. The 3300 score is on a stock clocked, NO TURBO BOOST stock score most 7980XE's are running between 4 to 4.5 GHZ even the dam Turbo boost is 4.4 GHZ which they DO NOT USE!

    Intel 7980XE at 4 GHZ (still under turbo boost) 3845 on cinebench. Cinebench is an AMD benchmark just like Geekbench makes Mac's look fast! LOL
    Intel 7980XE at STOCK CLOCK with just turbo boost 2.0 enabled 4204 Cinebench 15 (turbo boost 3.0 4.4 GHZ)
    Intel 7980XE at STOCK CLOCK with turbo boost 3.0 enabled 4600 Cinebench 15 (remember turbo boost ONLY boosts TWO CORES!) That is only 400 points below the Ryzen 2990WX that has 77% MORE CPU's! LOL You would think it should be almost twice as fast?

    So what would a 7980XE overclocked ALL CORES at say 4.2 or 4.5 GHZ do? Yes it would own the Ryzen 2990WX well then you can overclock the ryzen! But like the last 20 years the 7980XE can pass 5.5 GHZ the Ryzen 2990WX would need to match that to out run the 7980XE.

    So I know AMD lovers don't want to hear the basic facts but here they are!
    1. For the price $1799 vs $1993 the Ryzen 2990WX is cheaper by almost $200 dollars.
    2. In the real world where NO BODY disables Turbo Boost or runs at stock clocks the Intel 7980XE is FASTER.
    3. Where would you see better performance with the AMD? Only on an application that could use all 32 cores as long as the 7980XE was running with no TURBO BOOST, at STOCK CLOCK - NO OVERCLOCK.

    I think the Ryzens are OK CPU's the cheaper ones :) 1800's, 1900's but I wouldn't pay that much for an AMD unless it could really beat the INTEL not, disable turbo boost, run at stock clocks, only give it 100 watts... LOL I want to see it beat the Intel at normal everyday day settings. I run my i7-6950X at 4.2 ALL CORES + TURBO BOOST 24/7 and would never run it stock with turbo boost disabled.

    So the bottom line is lets wait and see real people using AMD 2990WX vs real people using the i9-7980XE. And stop being duped by marketing!