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You trust someone to love and care for your pet only you .........

  • Made a huge mistake . I was hoping to get honest opinions . No matter who the person may be you give them something that is more valuable to you then your own life . Although when we go threw hard times whatever the circumstance I for one do not want my pet going threw it with me if i can avoid it.Being judged and others may have there own opinion , does this give them the right to with hold your pet because they belief there life is better then yours? or they fall in love . Better yet your pet is so close to one person while your away ? Now that your ready to get your baby and excited to start a new beginning , your not only told by someone else that they will not give you your pet ? your crucified and your back is up against a wall .. I will get her within hours now but i am curious to here what type of action would you take .. Pet lovers only please ..