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  • This is an update to my previous blog and twitter because United Airlines still refuses to reinstate my 195,000 plus air miles that they expired because I missed having activity on my account within an eighteen month window. AND I ONLY MISSED THE DEADLINE BY SIX DAYS! They have three totally unacceptable solutions: 1. pay them $400. 2. pay $200 to take out a Chase credit card (I don't need or want) or 3. fly somewhere -- AND THE NEW TWIST TO THAT IS THEY WANT $200 TO REGISTER FOR THAT OPTION ON TOP OF PAYING FOR THE FLIGHT. They are holding my air miles hostage on a technicality. I have called, written and explained my age -67 - that I am struggling financially and that I have had major surgery and face two more to get back to 100 percent mobility. I was asking for a little consideration and compassion. When I was sending out my complaint to the twitter community a few weeks ago, they did respond through twitter and ask me to call them, but they just bought themselves a week without my twitter messages and have still denied me. I was going to consider giving up and doing the fly option - which would still be spending over $200 to fly to San Francisco on Saturday to visit a friend and fly back on Sunday lol until they told me I had to spend another $200 just to "sign up" for that option!! Who does this to a loyal customer of well over 20 years and a senior citizen! Please pass this warning far and wide to protect other frequent flyers from building more miles on this uncaring and rigid airline. Protect your miles by having "activity" every 18 months but buy your flights on American, Delta, British Airways, Alaska or Southwest. Thanks as always for your support.

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