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  • I have been posting for about a month how United has treated me over 195,000 expired air miles. I have appealed. I have told them about my hip replacement surgery which made it difficult for me to travel for over a year. Their cookie cutter solutions are as follows: pay them $400, take out a credit card (I don't need) that will cost $200, or fly somewhere. I was ready to just give in and fly somewhere, just to get my miles back until I found out that they want you to "enroll" in their "save your miles" program which it -- wait for it! $200. So that if I pay for the cheapest flight, probably at least $200, we are back at the $400 again. I have been a loyal customer for well over 30 years and spent thousands of dollars on flights and the United rewards credit card and now, for six days they are wanting me to pay $400. They looked at my medical record of my surgery but still weren't satisfied. I am a 67 year old widow, struggling in this economy like everyone else. I have jumped through any hoop I could to get them to help a little and they refuse. So, please let them know how wrong this is -- oh, they they blocked me from their FB page so please feel free to post there! Pass the word to protect your air miles, but don't give them your paid business. They have horrible customer care. Thanks for listening and please keep the message out there.