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  • If many of you have been following my months long saga with United Airlines, I just wanted to let you know they have done nothing to try to help or fix the issue. Briefly, my 195,000 air miles expired and I didn't see it for six whole days. They want $400 to give me back my miles or to take out a credit card for $200 that I don't need or to fly somewhere -- but wait!! not just spend money on a flight that I would be willing to do, but they want an extra $200 to "sign up" for the program that lets the flight count to get the miles back. I have explained that I am on a tight income and I gave them medical proof of my year long battle with a "bone on bone" hip and subsequent surgery, but they are heartless and refuse to help at all. Please let them know how disappointed you are and for heaven's sake, take your paid business to another airline! Oh, and they have sent me no emails, reminders about almost expiring miles or even sales deals for years and still aren't even though I've confirmed they had my correct email address. This is so wrong to do to a senior citizen who was a loyal customer of their for years!! Help me speak out!