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  • I'm sure most of us love Costco -- the prices, the convenience and being able to stock up. Even really appreciate their gas prices. But after an incident on Oct 16 while shopping at their store in Corona, CA., I am so disappointed in the way they have handled it, I'm not sure I ever want to return there again. Even more than the incident itself, it's the way their claims department treated me that made it ten times worse. I had completed shopping and was waiting for an employee to return from collecting carts so he could help me load my car, parked nearby. I am, for those of you who don't know me, a sixty-seven year old lady with a new right hip replacement and a left knee bone on bone, needing replacement --one day you will call me the bionic woman! But on that morning I was standing with my cart and I was body slammed into my cart by another customer coming out the exit with boxes piled so high on her cart they were inches, if not a foot above her head. She had no idea I was there of course so she hit me full force which was very shocking and a bit unnerving. I am not suggesting that I should have been rushed to the hospital, but I would have expected Costco employees to mobilize to assist me in whatever manner possible. The lady signing up new American Express customers mobilized and went for a manager, the employee who was supposed to help me to my car didn't know anything specific to do and the lady who hit me who was upset was just left standing there with no one getting her name or information. I had perishables in my basket and all I could think of was at least to get them in my car and my car was already loaded before a manager appeared. He then had to go back for a form to take down the report and by that time, the lady who hit me was gone. There was a witness so I wasn't too concerned as I thought Costco would take responsibility for me being injured on there property by their cart loaded by their employee and checked out of the store by another employee. However, when I was contacted by their claims department, they were accusatory and self protecting and told me that they were in no way responsible for my experience, and it was my fault for not getting the name and contact information from the person who hit me. They were condescending, non apologetic (well a very condescending and insincere apology lol) and were unwilling to consider that any part of what happened to me could have been handled better. I have talked to a supervisor in claims and got the same critical manner -- my fault for not knowing it was my responsibility to protect myself after being attacked on their property. So fellow shoppers and Costco lovers, please be very aware of not getting hurt on their property because they will not stand up to make you fell protected or taken care of. Nor would they commit to any training that would prevent this from happening in the future. I am very ambivalent about ever walking back in that store or any other Costco and am really considering asking for my membership renewal to be returned. There isn't even anyone I can complain to because when I call their corporate offices they keep trying to send me back to claims and they just make me feel worse.