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Media news=un-needed stress

  • I have tried an experiment by not watching the news for a week. Including local media. I've been watching shows like Bar Rescue, home improvement, House flipping, How it's made etc. etc. along with the show Cops, Snapped, forensic Files, and many variety of movies and of course the computer here. What I have noticed is my stress level is down including my blood pressure and feel more motivated to do things. I know this can't just be me or that I'm imagining this.
    I know that when I watch the news it's just the same thing, same old story, same old song and dance and nothing seems to be getting better only worse. The sad part is nothing is being done to make things better especially in the political arena. So what it does is make me angry, and furious and my blood pressure goes way up.
    Thinking about it more maybe this is a good thing to break away from the news media every once in awhile for health reasons. It's bad enough I have a leaking heart valve, aortic aneurism, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, early stages of glaucoma, osteoarthritis and chronic pain. All which is being taken care of medically and is improving all round with exercise and tons of medication daily. What I'm getting at is even in a perfectly healthy person, the media is bad for YOUR HEALTH. Give yourselves a break from it.