• Marilyn Holt VIP So I don't have a printer now??? Thanks. Marilyn
    Apr 4

  • spinny VIP hallo Gary i tried up to ten times to correctly type and paste all in this superterminator window lolol but it never worked and opend the dvd styler til today -and now i cant find the forum page again to give it more tries next days lololol-we made copies on a few sticks meanwhile and Su takes it to k-town to her officer specialist in the bureau may be he can do quick a few copies lolol til i will be successfull
    Feb 14

  • Margarita Happy New Year !
    Jan 4

  • Dīlee (DiLee) VIP Gary tried to post our pics from my CD release party but it won't appear? Going to email them to you :) Thanks so much for coming and during your extremely busy schedule! Hope you are getting enough sleep!!!
    October 3, 2017

  • Skooter Lee VIP As always, thank you, Gary!!
    Mar 23

  • Bobbi Ann DePierro VIP I forgot how to private message help?
    Apr 13

  • michael ralph alvelais VIP Gary,, Happy Green Irish day.. How do I message you? Nothing looks familiar now.. Can you call me?
    Mar 17