• Rita Rhilinger VIP Hi Gary. I sent you a message.
    January 15, 2018

  • Designer Anne (Admin) Okay, it is rare that I have such a "what just happened" moment and I feel compelled to post about it here! I have tons of cancer and disease info...that's for another time and another site, soon to come....BUT, in purchasing Frankincense oil tonight (yes, it's for cancer) I always buy from Edens Garden: https://www.edensgarden.com/products/frankincense-serrata?variant=559725608977 $69.95 for 4oz! PURE and extremely high quality oils! I decided to find out how much it would cost from DoTerra (well known MLM) for the same amount. BLEW MY MIND!!! This: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/p/frankincense-oil would cost $731.60 for the same amount as Edens! WHAAATTT???!
    Jan 20

  • Raymond Roy been gone a few weeks because I had hernia surgery... I should be in playing shape by saturday night guys
    Jul 29

  • DOLORES VIP Hello Gary: The providers lap top, the one that we just bought recently, doesnt last more than 4 hrs without having to be plugged in. The providers do not like the fact that they have to bend down to plug and unplug. Is this normal? The laptop was fully charged this morning after being all night on. Please advise
    Thu at 1:06 PM

  • Marilyn Holt VIP Gary, Im not sure Im doing this message deal correct, I put "only me" thinking you and I would be the only ones viewing my message.... am I correct??? You usually respond so quickly, although no rush on my original message IF you saw it... am I doing it correctly???
    Jun 24

  • beast-usa OMG I HATE WINBLOWS 10! How the hell does anyone get anything none on that crap operating system!
    Wed at 12:02 AM

  • John Walkowiak VIP Pacific Time Zone
    November 14, 2018